5 Workplace Wellness Challenges Ideas You Must Try

Published on:
Fri Jun 16 2023
Employee Experience

In today's working environment, the well-being of employees has become a top priority for organizations. Companies are realizing that a healthy and happy workforce is important not only for employee satisfaction but also for overall productivity and success. As a result, workplace wellness challenges have emerged as powerful tools to promote physical and mental well-being among employees.

Workplace wellness challenges are structured activities or initiatives designed to encourage employees to adopt healthier habits and lifestyles. These workplace wellness challenges focus on various aspects of well-being, including physical fitness, nutrition, mental health, stress management, and work-life balance.

These challenges aim to inspire positive behavior change and create a culture of wellness within the workplace.

According to reports, “ 72% of employers saw a reduction in healthcare costs after implementing a wellness program”.

Top 5 ideas for workplace wellness challenges that organizations can implement inside the workplace

1. Healthy Eating Challenge

Nutrition plays an important role in improving employee well-being. A healthy eating challenge can motivate employees to make better food choices. This challenge can involve tracking daily food intake, setting goals for consuming fruits and vegetables, reducing sugary snacks, or exploring healthier recipe options. To make it more engaging, you can share healthy recipes and tips regularly.

2. Step challenge

Encouraging employees to increase their physical activity can have numerous benefits. One popular workplace wellness challenge is the step challenge, where participants compete to achieve the highest step count. This challenge can be implemented using fitness trackers or smartphone applications. It not only promotes physical fitness but also creates a sense of friendly competition among colleagues, fostering teamwork and motivation.

To increase employees' movement, you can also motivate employees to take stairs instead of elevators.

3. Mental health awareness

Mental health is equally important as physical health. A mental health awareness challenge can help break down the stigma surrounding mental health issues and encourage open conversations.

For this workplace wellness challenge, you can include activities like lunchtime meditation sessions, employee stress management programs, or providing resources for mental health support. Encouraging employees to practice self-care and mindfulness will contribute to a healthier work environment.

4. Sleep quality challenge

An Adequate amount of sleep is essential for a person's health. A sleep quality challenge can focus on improving employees' sleep habits. Encourage employees to track their sleep patterns, establish consistent bedtime routines, and prioritize quality sleep. Provide educational resources on sleep routines. Recognizing and rewarding participants who achieve their sleep goals can motivate others to do this challenge.

5. Fitness class challenge

Engaging employees in physical fitness classes is an excellent way to improve employee well-being and team bonding. Offering a variety of fitness classes like yoga, Zumba, or pilates either in the office or virtually can be an effective wellness challenge. Tracking attendance and rewarding employees can motivate employees to do regular physical activity in their routines.


Workplace wellness challenges offer exciting opportunities for organizations to prioritize employee well-being. By implementing these workplace wellness challenge ideas, you can promote a healthier workplace environment, increase productivity, and boost employee satisfaction.

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