Impact Of Remote Working On Employee Satisfaction

Published on:
Fri Aug 14 2020
Employee Experience

Covid19 pandemic has impacted the way we work and the way we function in professional terms and life has not been the same since this crisis came along. Studies have shown that overall job satisfaction level has increased among employees working from home due to many factors, however, studies have also indicated that a large number of people have shown concerns towards their mental health getting impacted in a negative way.

Dropthought conducted multiple surveys among their employees to understand if they feel comfortable while working remotely, DT also asked questions related to employee mental health conditions through the surveys to understand and accordingly facilitate employees working across the globe while observing shelter in place.

It’s a tricky job to understand the impact of remote working on employee satisfaction since adjusting to this new lifestyle came easy to some and others have suffered in silence. Bigger brands like Google, Facebook, etc., have recently announced the extension of working from home policies will remain in place till the end of this year and may be even longer depending on the conditions and with these new adjustments new issues will surface sooner or later that we all need to stay prepared for. Statistics and reports issued by various institutions suggest that while some percentage of employees have taken the whole remote working situation in a good and positive way while on the other hand a huge no. of employees are worried they might have to seek professional help in order for them to adjust to the new reality as they are finding it hard to reach out to their employers or communicate their issues openly.

The argument of whether remote working has a good or bad impact on employees gets almost blurred to certain extent; it can be either way, and to find out the answer we must focus more on pushing feedback culture into the system. It’s important to collect feedback from employees working from home and churn the data collected to make necessary changes for improving the employee benefit programs. Dropthought has been helping organisations to make the process of creating surveys and collecting feedback from across the board easy and hassle free.

Data collected by DT platform through their surveys has shown both sides of the impact of remote working:


  • Less Interference: Remote working has a positive impact on employees since now they can eliminate the unnecessary interruptions that they usually face while working from offices.
  • Increase in productivity: Remote working has helped employees to meet the deadlines more proficiently and their focus has relatively improved.
  • Save Time: Working from home has helped employees save time from commuting to the office location and avoid traffic stress.
  • Work Life Balance: Remote working has helped employees to bring work life balance, they can focus on their families and look after their personal life without compromising their professional commitments.


  • No Motivation: While many employees feel happy about working alone away from the office crowd, many employees feel gloomy and demotivated while working alone from home.
  • Bad communication: Employees face issues related to communication, they often feel confused about their tasks due to lack of clarity in their job roles.
  • Concern on Mental Health: Many have reported that they may end up taking professional help as they find it difficult to adjust to this new lifestyle and uncertainties that come along. Focusing on professional commitments and taking care of personal responsibilities can be frustrating and not everyone can cope up with the situation, so it gets difficult to maintain a positive outlook or look after their mental health.

It depends on person to person how they feel about this situation and their satisfaction level varies due to multiple reasons. However, this is the perfect time for organisations to start looking into this matter seriously as understanding how your employee feels will ultimately decide how well and efficiently you can achieve your goals.

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