How To Rethink Business-As-Usual Post-Pandemic Rebooting Workplaces 360°

Published on:
Fri Jun 26 2020
Customer Experience

Immanent lockdown, new economic challenges and the impending threat of a second wave—who knew that 2020 would usher in such unforeseen calamity, impacting humanity right at the core of its being. Organizations worldwide cannot afford to close their doors indefinitely until a vaccine is created, tested and administered. Life, or rather the new normal, must go on. In which case, the question is—how do we safeguard our employees, customers, stakeholders and business productivity, as we reboot businesses.

The pandemic has challenged the status quo and as organizations resume operations, leadership teams have to strategize increasing productivity, while implementing protocols for HSE 2.0 compliance, managing employee trust and mental wellbeing, and reorganizing infrastructure to maintain social distancing guidelines. With the critical overhauling of the entire workplace, it seems like a mammoth task to undertake, effectively manage and consistently succeed in the balance between stakeholder safety and business productivity.

How to do a 360-degree reboot?

dtSmartWorks360 - A Digital Application Suite with End-to-End Monitoring and Management of Workforce in Real-Time.

Without a doubt, the world has been moving towards digital transformation in every sphere of business; however, it has never been more pertinent, than in the workplace today. Health, safety and compliance are essentially the cornerstones of every organization in a post-pandemic world, with a new set of rigorous daily procedures, mandatory health screenings, track and trace measures, employee feedback and support infrastructure, as well as real-time follow-ups of all personnel returning to work.

However, new compliance measures heavily strain existing HSE regulations and siloed operations or disparate systems complicate the return to the workplace. They also take valuable time off production and exhaust teams in the long-run, putting safety at risk and decreasing workforce efficiency. Therefore, simplifying everything and providing a safe, employee-ready workplace is crucial.

dt360’s Digital Application Suite - dtSmartWorks360 - facilitates a 360-degree management of new workplace dynamics, empowering organizations to effortlessly and successfully transition to a post-lockdown-normal, enabling workforce to respond, recover and thrive in business.

dtSmartWorks360 - A Virtual Blessing for Business Empowerment and Safety Enablement

Taking the complexity out of rebooting business is a positive sigh of relief. dtSmartWorks360 is a simple and sustainable safety-first approach to redefining your workforce. It removes the daily roadblocks of compliance bureaucracy and reduces risk, to focus on building a high-performing organization within a safe environment. From managing employee roster creation and contact tracing of affected employees, to managing critical feedback from staff, and then recording and reporting on mandatory health parameters— dtSmartWorks360 is a one-stop go-to solution for employers wanting to return to business as usual.

This suite of digital solutions enables organizations to transition into the post-pandemic business world as follows:

Control Tower & Contact Tracing

  • Managing a technology platform to enable a digital control tower for monitoring social distancing and movement in real-time
  • Using a contact tracing app to track and trace employees, who were in touch with the affected employees, to confirm ethical isolation and ensure their safety

Employee Health Records & Case Management Help Desk

  • Enabling a help center hotline for the management of employee feedback and mental health support
  • Managing employee health history and case management system to track the status of affected personnel and ensure their safe return to the workplace

Employee Experience & Self-Reporting Feedback Management

  • Providing touchless surveys to record health parameters such as temperatures, oxygen levels, travel history and many more relevant metrics, for employees and visitors
  • Facilitating employee roster management to identify employees eligible to work from the office/standard-workplace
  • Enabling relevant feedback from the workforce on the changes and impact of compulsory workplace processes and procedural roll-outs, aligned with new safety protocols and workplace compliance measures

Although there are new global compliance guidelines, every organization necessitates additional transformation requirements based on the nature of their business. To support these, dt360 has a host of digital IP and technology products to effectively integrate systems, unify data and messaging, and identify insights in real time to act on intelligence for informed decision-making.

dtSmartWorks360 is indeed a safe and intelligent way to reboot your business 360°.

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