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Published on:
Mon Jun 22 2020
Customer Experience

dtSmartWorks360: Navigating Workplace Safety and Productivity

It might be stormy now, but the rain doesn’t last forever. Aren’t we all just greatly waiting for this thunderstorm to end, so that we can just go back to the office? I certainly do. Let me take you through how we can swim across this phase together safely using dtSmartWorks360.

Every country has been imposing different rules/guidelines that businesses need to comply with, to ensure maximum safety for their employees and the society. During these challenging times, the fear of uncertainty can surpass the fear of the cause itself. So, what needs to be done to ensure people don’t go to their office everyday living with this fear? Data.

Data such as employees who should come to the office and those who should work from home, those with medical conditions or those who have elderly people to take care of. Not to forget the importance of integrating with various government and health systems to ensure a certain employee is not a COVID patient or in close contact or those who still need to remain in quarantine and can’t come to office. Capturing these inputs and implementing calculated safety measures not only improves your workplace, but also makes sure your employees are no longer uncertain about their work environment, thus fortifying their mental peace.

Can you see how a small add-on can result in a vital impact? With that being said, let’s see where else and why would we require this daily dosage of data.

At the reception/entrance:

Once the employees arrive at the workplace, we should capture their vitals like temperature, oxygen level, pulse by integrating with advanced wearable devices that can generate those metrics and also capture additional details like recent travel history using touchless surveys.

During unforeseeable occurrences:

While people are doing work from their desk, if there is a case of any sudden appearance of any suspicious symptoms like a high fever, we need to manage that situation in real time and trigger a case that can be managed and tracked. This trigger should ensure the following things:

  1. The affected employee receives immediate health care.
  2. Constantly track the affected employee’s status.
  3. Capture their experiences to ensure their safe return to work,
  4. Identify all employees who came in close proximity with the affected employee and ask them to self-isolate if the employee is actually tested positive.

For future advancement in safety measures:

As and when we keep collecting new data, we get a better understanding of the covid19, importance of quarantine, etc. In order to ensure employers are compliant with the government rules, it is crucial to have real time visibility of the workspace occupancy levels, crowd management, employees’ health status, etc. Reports on these different vitals allows us a chance to collaborate with health officials to generate forecasting and machine learning models to possibly identify who might get infected and reflect back those predictions to the employee roster creation process. At the end of the day, don’t we all just want the safety measures to improvise?

So, where does dtSmartWorks360 fit in?

To succeed in this safe employee journey we need the below capabilities: -

● Employee Experience and Feedback Management

● Hybrid Integration

● Contact Tracing Mobile App

● Dynamic Roster Management

● Dynamic Case Management

● Streaming Business Intelligence

● Machine learning and Advanced Analytics

And this is what dtSmartWorks360 is all about. It is a Digital Application Suite that lets us monitor the workforce in depth and manage the business in real time. Under the umbrella of dt360, you will explore a vast range of technology products that effectively integrate systems, unify data, messaging, etc. dtSmartWorks360 helps you to identify insights in real time to act on intelligence for informed decision-making, thereby making it a safe and intelligent way to reboot your business.

The technology superpower under the hood

1. DropThought for Employee Experience & Self-Reporting Feedback Management

DropThought gives you the power to collect customer / employee feedback thus giving you insights across their entire journey and respond to them in a flash.

2. Cuetrack for dynamic case management

CueTrack comes with built-in intelligent workflows, automated case assignment, automated survey management, field force management and user-friendly UI, to deliver end-to-end tracking of cases and effective complaints and cases management.

3. Contact Trace mobile app

Native mobile app sends alerts to people if they are close to an infected person. Admins identify the list of all who came close to an infected person and alert them in real time.


TIBCO makes it possible to unlock the potential of your real-time data for making faster, smarter decisions. TIBCO Connected Intelligence platform connects any application or data source; unifies data for greater access, trust, and control; and predicts outcomes in real time and at scale.

TIBCO hybrid Integration platform delivers the real time integration with government and health systems for the various checks and enables the seamless communication between the various components ( DropThought, CueTrack, Contact Tracer )

TIBCO Analytics delivers advanced AI driven employee roster management and creation adhering to flexible dynamic rules ensuring optimum allocations and efficiency.

TIBCO Streaming BI and Data Science delivers real time reporting of workplace occupancy, crowd management and data science workbench to build, deploy and manage ML models to predict infected employees.

dtSmartWorks360 brings all these powerful capabilities together to effortlessly and successfully transition to a post-lockdown-normal life, enabling the workforce to respond, recover and thrive in business.

Written by:

Bashar Khalil, Laurelle De Sa and Janavi Nagarjan.