How To Create An Exceptional Game Day Experience

Published on:
Mon Mar 04 2024
Fan Experience

Exceptional Game Day Experience: Strategies for Unforgettable Fan Engagement

Game day experience is all about building a relationship between the fans and their favorite sports, which undoubtedly becomes unique and memorable.

Organizations devote an incredible amount of attention and effort to making game day unique. They do everything and make sure that sports enthusiasts have a good time while watching their beloved sports so that they come again.

The success of your organization depends on your ability to understand and enhance the game day experience. Teams are now understanding that the fan experience begins with the ticket purchase and continues till the game is over.

Sports fans can choose to watch the game at your stadium or in the comfort of their own homes. Understanding what sports devotees desire on game day will help you convince more people to attend the game in person.

Key Tactics To Create An Exceptional Game Day Experience at Sporting Events

The tips listed below can assist you to create an exceptional game day experience:-

1. Distribution of tickets online

The time for picking up a printed copy of a ticket is quickly passing and helps in avoiding long queues in addition to long waiting time. The distribution of tickets digitally is a contactless, secure, and practical process. Utilize ticketing technology integration to safeguard users from fraud and unauthorized resale.

Include links and QR codes with tickets so that fans have access to all the information they require to enjoy their visit to the stadium. As soon as a visitor receives a ticket, they get information about everything, such as special discounts or safety instructions, so they can make plans accordingly.

The digital distribution of tickets makes it easy and convenient for attendees to access more information than before.

2. Stadium Navigation

Visitors entering a stadium want to be ready. In order to prevent fans from getting lost and possibly missing some of the initial part of the game or concert, stadiums can add wayfinding devices to show them where their seats are.

Visitors may examine their precise location and follow turn-by-turn directions from any device, whether it's a big touch screen kiosk or the browser on their mobile device, by implementing a 3D wayfinding map.

Make sure no fan’s time is wasted by finding their way to a parking lot, restroom and food stand, etc.

3. Ordering food and beverages on the go

Have you ever been delayed while waiting to enter a concert or sporting event?

To provide fans with a memorable game day experience, stadiums are attempting to use mobile ordering techniques to order food and beverages.

Stadiums are using QR codes that may be scanned to open links to other websites, such as a restaurant’s online menu or a team or artist's merchandising store.

With the help of this, visitors from their seats can order food and beverages via QR codes or stadium apps and it can create a great fan experience.

4. Treat each fan equally

Are you ensuring that each touchpoint on game day provides your important fans and contributors with the same experience?

From the ticket office to ushers, concessions to parking lots, your fans don’t see different departments as the separate entities.

Do your best to see fans as the same individual whether they are buying a ticket, a hot dog, a parking pass or simply entering into the stadium.

5. App for Fan Engagement

Users can check the stats of their favorite teams and receive notifications when the game is about to start using a fan engagement app. To encourage future ticket purchases, give fans who are watching at home exclusive specials and discounts. Include the audience in the game.

Promote hashtags for fans to post pictures and thoughts within the app and showcase some of them on the big screen, it will create an immersive experience for everyone.

6. Crowd control techniques to increase security

Fans do want to feel comfortable and do not want to be concerned about hooligans or terrorist threats. They will stay for a longer time and spend more money if they feel secure.

Facial recognition, smart blockchain ticketing, and crowd control techniques are just a few examples of how fans might feel safer on game day.

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