Why Is Fan Experience So Important?

Published on:
Fri Oct 20 2023
Fan Experience

Understanding the Impact: Why Fan Experience Matters for Sports Teams

As fans gradually head back to the stadiums, we are seeing a greater reliance on technology to optimize their experiences.

Sports teams always need to come up with new strategies to get new fans, retain returning fans, and ensure that everyone who attends an event should have a positive experience.

Fans are attracted to stadiums or games because of the experience they get and not only the actual game. It is important to focus on the entire fan experience if you want to give visitors a positive fan experience.

Fan experience starts well before a game and goes on long after. You should take into account each stage, including the fan experience people have while browsing the website, social media experiences, phone calls, marketing initiatives, and, of course, everything that happens on matchday.

According to research, “86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience”.

Ticket prices and other costs will influence, but it is the perceived value of the whole experience you are offering to your fans, which will ultimately win them.

As there are many platforms, technologies, and more, why is fan experience important? How can it give sports teams a large return on investment?

Here are some of the important points which describe why fan experience is important:-

  • If fans enjoy their experience, they are more likely to return
  • Prevent the loss of loyal fans
  • Happy fans will discuss their experiences with their friends

We are all aware of the negative experiences and poor first impressions. If a fan has a bad memory of your stadium, you may have lost them permanently and possibly a few of their friends as well.

And if fans enjoy their experience, they are more likely to return and you will also prevent the loss of loyal fans.

If one fan is genuinely happy with his or her experience at your facility, it may imply that six more people will hear about it and want to get tickets from you for the next game.

To put it simply - “One satisfied fan can easily convert into seven satisfied fans, and so on”.

Fan experience is important in the sports industry. Companies need to focus on bringing fans back for the next game by creating positive fan experiences and incentives to keep them coming back.


Not just fans are interested in extraordinary experiences. Sponsors also want to be associated with the amazing fan experiences and also will pay for it.

Sponsors also place high importance on being associated with unforgettable moments and as a result, will pay a huge amount for the great experience.

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