The Impact Of Technology On The Fan Experience

Published on:
Mon Mar 07 2022
Fan Experience

After the pandemic, sports organizations across the world have a great opportunity to tap into the evolving expectations of fans to build a personalized experience where technology has always played an important role.

There is no doubt that technology is altering the way fans interact with their favorite teams. Advertisers and media businesses are scrambling to find new ways to get profit from the digital world.

Sports fans can get a variety of streaming packages online, which is slowly decreasing TV viewership.

In today’s environment, fans have plenty of options available to them. They may watch high-definition highlights, get play-by-play forecasts, behind-the-scenes videos, AR/VR interactions and games, and much more, all from the comfort of their own homes.

According to reports, “60% of sports fans are willing to spend more money on experiences with their favorite teams and athletes”.

In this blog, you will discover the impact of technology on the Fan experience:-

1. Content Creation

In the sports industry, social media is playing an important role in changing the fan experience. Teams and players extend their Internet presence by creating and promoting team-specific content to stay in touch with supporters during and after events.

Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are all excellent sites for streaming video highlights of your team’s game, either before or after an event.

2. Gather Feedback

Only fans can define what it means to be a fan. You can not consider your fans’ experience fantastic if they did not like the game or found something wrong with your offerings, no matter how exciting the game was.

It is important to get feedback to see if your services are up to your fans’ expectations. It enables you to identify your weaknesses as well as your strengths. What areas do you need to improve as a sports business, and what can you do to improve the fan experience even more?

However, getting feedback on a wide scale is difficult. This is where technology, in the form of feedback collection platforms, comes into the picture. They assist you in collecting feedback from fans who visit your sporting event in a seamless manner.

Fans are also less likely to become dissatisfied when answering questions or providing feedback on a service or the overall experience because such platforms are easy to use and take less time.

3. Mobile Ticket

The fan experience at sporting events is being transformed by mobile ticketing. The sports industry has embraced the transition, with event organizers looking for methods to make mobile ticketing an integral part of the attendee experience while also enhancing safety and security.

Mobile ticketing also allows fans to be rewarded directly through the app. To guarantee that brand loyalty is consistently motivated, fans will be awarded with the points that can be utilized for in-stadium purchases, discounts, and VIP experiences.

4. Relationship with Fans

Fans are devoted to their favorite athletes, teams, and even sports events. They would love to be rewarded for demonstrating such loyalty. But how do they go about doing it? Especially when there are supporters all across the world.

Businesses can take advantage of technology again in this situation. They can use community platforms like apps and websites to direct fans to all the important information about forthcoming events.

Chatbots and speech technology can also assist fans in navigating your website or app, relieving their load, and resolving their issues.

5. Ordering Digitally

Fans at sporting events are increasingly embracing digital ordering technology, which allows them to order the next drink from their seats and retrieve it whenever it is convenient.

For example - As more stadiums go cashless, technology and platforms like Preoday are becoming increasingly important in driving change and providing a more convenient experience for fans, allowing them to purchase not only food and drink, but also merchandise, match day programs, and possibly tickets for upcoming matches digitally.

Gone are the days when entertaining fans meant handing them a program with all of the player’s numbers as soon as they walked in. Fans of sports are passionate and inquisitive. They want to learn everything about their beloved team.

As a result, it makes sense for sports teams to engage these supporters through processes and platforms that they are familiar with. Like the way in which modern fans interact with sports evolves, so does the way in which teams interact with these supporters.

Teams should partner with a trusted specialist who understands both the game and the technologies needed to improve fan engagement to get the most out of this technological progression. Whether fans are watching at home or at the stadium, innovative technology solutions will boost fan enjoyment and fan engagement.

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