How Dropthought Optimizes Customer Feedback Management

Published on:
Tue Mar 29 2022
Customer Experience

There’s an old adage in business: the customer is always right. And, while times may be changing, there are some things that are simply immutable. That maxim is definitely one of them. And, if you need improved customer feedback management, you came to the right place. At Dropthought, we establish a direct line of communication between service and client.

Dropthought is an enterprise that has revolutionized customer feedback management and analytics. And, regardless of what industry you’re in and what exactly you do, everyone’s business can stand to gain from implementing our cutting-edge software to catapult their overall business performance into that next, rarified stratosphere.

How and why Dropthought leads customer feedback management and analysis

What we do

At Dropthought, we provide an intuitive interface that supplies the customer with a seamless feedback channel to accompany them along their customer journey. We ensure our feedback interface will be built into each customer’s journey and integrated with websites, apps, email, tablets, and kiosks in a way that isn’t disruptive or deterring to clients.

Our user-friendly dashboard and reports offer insights specific to metrics essential to measuring your business and its success. And, with our advanced text analytics, our software can even detect emotions through our innovative, industry-leading emotional intelligence indicators and metrics that are catered and tailored to you and your business.

So what do we do? We support your success. Because satisfied customers are the lynchpin of any successful business.

How we do it

At Dropthought, we don’t work in mysterious ways. And that’s the secret to our success. Our dedicated team is committed to working with you from start to finish. This means we’ll be there for documentation, best practices, metrics identification, and even survey design.

We gather data at the most critical points of engagement. This is where and when it matters most. We enable you to cull feedback through any channel imaginable and reach your audience at the perfect time and perfect place. These winds come together to form your perfect storm of success.

We make decisions substantiated by near-empirical evidence. We base decisions on real-time data, such as customer feedback surveys, customer journey tracking, employee engagement tracking, and intuitive dashboards to better understand your audience.

And, just as importantly, we act, review, reevaluate, and repeat. Our analytics are catered to your business. We tailor our services to clients. We use our data to accentuate unique customer needs and act on each individual problem to improve all facets of your enterprise.

The results we get

With Dropthought, the proof is in the pudding. We improve customer satisfaction, increase engagement, and ultimately help clients convert customers. And our track record proves it.

Our clients experienced 38% improvement in NPS (net provider score). They were also able to optimize every nook and cranny of their company through text analytics, enabling deep dives and resolutions to both deep-seated and easily-overlooked issues.

For clients, we’ve also discovered key factors affecting their NPS score, and identifying these correlations has effectively improved their value over time.

And, of course, we reform company culture. Clients even reported every employee feels like a family member after we’ve rendered our services. This is all important because it enables companies to be culturally progressive for both their business and the communities they serve.

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Without customers, there’s no business. So it’s important to treat them with the respect they deserve. And, with Dropthought’s customer feedback management software, we’ve made that easier than ever before. So contact us now for a consultation!