Common Myths Related To Customer Feedback Management

Published on:
Fri Nov 19 2021
Customer Experience

Customer feedback has the potential to massively grow your business. Keeping a pleased and loyal customer base might mean the difference between remaining afloat and sinking. Allowing customers to provide feedback can provide valuable insight into areas where you can make improvements.

Honest feedback benefits both the firm and the customer, but several frequent misconceptions about it have turned people off from it. We will look at some of these most frequent myths below.

Customer feedback that is published is unreliable and selected by the company

In certain cases, this is true, but when a company uses the correct platform, all client feedback is genuine and unfiltered.

It is obvious when the firm curates and writes its reviews. Website evaluations are frequently linked to an external source that verifies the validity of the feedback to guarantee that potential customers are receiving correct information.

Furthermore, businesses desire to receive genuine and honest reviews that publicly commend their services.

Paid advertising is more effective

Word of mouth is one of the most effective methods of advertisement. Paid social media ads can be effective when targeting the proper audience, but an array of different and honest customer evaluations can be extremely beneficial to your business.

Some people believe that advertising is deceptive and that they are a direct sales pitch from the firm. Without having to spend a substantial percentage of your budget on expensive marketing initiatives, reviews are a cheap approach to advertise and earn trust with potential clients.

Before making a decision, the majority of clients are discerning and seek the advice of people who have done business with you.

Customers that leave positive evaluations are rewarded by businesses

This is not the case at all. Customer reviews are written at their discretion and are never rewarded in any way. At most, some businesses will reward a customer for leaving a review with a discount or coupon.

Businesses truly get benefit from the insights that they receive by integrating options for customers to submit a review so that data can be collected.

The customer has sole discretion over whether or not to post a review or provide feedback to the company.

Negative customer reviews can adversely affect your brand image

Bad reviews are usually candid and many times highlight real issues that need a resolution. This feedback can help you enhance your business and personalize it so that potential customers realize they are not reading carefully edited reviews to make the firm look nice.

Bad reviews can be an opportunity to publicly demonstrate how well they handle customer criticism and their commitment to providing exceptional service.

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