5 Reasons Why Customer Feedback Surveys Are So Important

Published on:
Fri Jun 04 2021
Customer Experience

As a business owner, you likely have questions about your customers’ experiences but no effective ways to drive survey engagement. It’s tempting to abandon customer feedback surveys from your daily operations rather than waste resources on ineffective engagement. But within the customer experience is critical information vital to your company’s success.

When you work with a customer feedback survey company, you’re able to gather more data and more high-quality data than conducting surveys on your own. DropThought provides nuanced hardware for administering surveys plus advanced software for interpreting and applying feedback to your business.

There are many reasons customer feedback surveys are crucial to your business; here are the top five

#1. Improve products, services, and customer experience

Are customers finding and using the right products and services for them? Are you correctly applying market research to create high-value products for your audience? Feedback surveys let you ask more in-depth questions about existing services, and you can follow-up on new product releases to make sure they’ve received as intended by your customers.

You can see if older services are still well-received or need updating to stay relevant by actively gathering data. Working with customer feedback, you can test new products and services before investing time and capital in non-starter ideas.

#2. Improve customer retention and build long-term client relationships

Customers have a lot of options these days. Unless you’re in a very niche market, chances are you have a handful of competitors your clients can choose from at any moment. Checking in with your customers can improve your products and services to better match client needs, thus increasing customer retention.

#3. Show customers, you value their opinion and care about their experience

Clients return to businesses where they feel engaged—those places that value their patronage. By soliciting your customer’s feedback, you’re establishing long-term relationships with a devoted client base. Customers enjoy seeing their feedback implemented into new products and services. They’re more likely to buy or subscribe to something they helped develop and specifically meet their needs.

Word-of-mouth advertising is the most valuable but can be the hardest to establish. Showing you value customer feedback is a practical, economical way of getting clients invested in your success and encourage that elusive word-of-mouth advertising.

#4. Set your company apart from the competition

One of the best ways to set your brand apart from the competition is through exceptional customer experiences. It doesn’t require a lot of capital and goes a long way towards your brand’s success. By checking in with your customers through feedback surveys, you can make sure that your team members are always hitting your customer satisfaction goals.

#5. Get quantitative data about customer experience and satisfaction

As a business owner, it isn’t easy finding out if your services function the way they’re intended. Many companies struggle with whether their audience has the intended experience with their brand. Face-to-face follow-up doesn’t always reveal the real story. Using customer feedback surveys, you can get ongoing, quantitative, holistic data about your customer’s experiences with your company and individual products and services.

You can use that data to hone in on your specific market, launch new products, and pull capital from services that aren’t hitting the mark.

If you’re ready to integrate customer feedback surveys into your enterprise, get in touch with DropThought today.

Our engagement software helps businesses understand their customers better, so you can steer your company towards success in the future. We provide the hardware for gathering customer feedback data through on-site kiosks, apps, and the mail and analysis for driving critical metrics in your business.

If you’re interested in incorporating actionable insights into your daily operations, get in touch with DropThought to request a demo today.