Understanding the benefits of workplace surveys

July 17, 2020 at 7:00 AM
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Are your employees satisfied with their working environment? It is no secret that a happy workforce is an effective workforce, but how do you measure how content your employees are with their work setting? Surveys! DropThought recognizes the value of feedback across all types of workforces and has created digital solutions to amplify the benefits of workplace surveys using tools such as text analysis, feedback analysis, net promoter score (NPS), etc.

What are the benefits of workplace surveys, text analysis, feedback analysis and NPS?

One of the greatest investments you can make as an employer is making sure that your employees are satisfied. Satisfied employees have higher levels of productivity, increased profits, loyalty to the company and a low turnover rate. To determine the levels of satisfaction within the workplace text analysis, feedback analysis and NPS are useful tools. What are ways in which these tools can be used?

An opportunity to Identify issues

As an employer, it is important to understand that employee morale is more complex than what is seen at the surface level. Even if you feel as though you are doing well, there is a chance your workforce may be experiencing issues. Unfortunately, waiting for employees to initiate a conversation on any issues they may be experiencing may result in the situation growing out of control-- by using a anonymous workplace survey, your employees can discreetly voice their concerns. It is also also possible that there are problems fomenting subconsciously within the workforce that can be resolved before any issues arise. DropThought provides feedback analysis that highlights any common trends to determine which issues are of universal concern, text analysis that gathers patterns of underlying emotions and a net promoter score that indicates how loyal employees feel to the company.

Monitor employee satisfaction

Every employer wants the most talented individuals in the industry to work for them, but how do you attract the best? Once you hire them how do you make them want to stay? One of the most important factors that candidates choose their employers is based on whether they believe they would be happy working in the environment. Although you cannot control or predict whether a candidate will be happy working for you, you can find out how your current employees feel about their workplace. Issuing a survey that assesses employee satisfaction allows you to rectify any problems before you begin hiring new staff. Feedback analysis can also help to identify difficulties within particular departments, so any issues can be rectified before expanding a department. Net promoter score is a great indicator of company loyalty and potential turnover. This is especially useful before hiring new employees as it is important to create an environment where employees want to stay to reduce turnover.

Implement budget friendly changes

Ask any HR manager whether they have an easy job and they’ll probably tell you “no.” Humans are mysterious creatures because even when they have issues they do not always like to complain, especially when they feel as though their livelihoods depend on not complaining. This creates a tremendous challenge for the HR team as they attempt to unearth what changes need to be implemented. This is why surveys are extremely useful! Surveys are anonymous and available as a low cost option to those working on a tight budget. This makes them a great way of assessing how your workforce feels. With the right feedback analysis, text analysis and NPS data your HR team can identify key areas for improvement.

By having accurate areas to target, they avoid wasting money on measures that are ineffective. DropThought has survey templates that we have crafted for your use, but if they do not match your needs you are able to create company wide templates or personal templates that tailor to your department specific needs. As a result, this reduces your HR team’s workload in trying to figure out the truth. This allows them to introduce cost-friendly changes.

At Drop Thought, we’re here to make your life as an employer easier with our workplace-specific surveys. Using our tools such as text analysis, feedback analysis and NPS, you can transform your working environment for the better. To learn more, contact us.

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