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DropThought was a useful way for me to let my instructor know how I felt about my learning.


It did not bother me having to tell DropThought how I feel about my learning experience.


DropThought did not interfere with my learning.
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Survey sent to 190 students across 7 classes that used DropThought for Winter Semester 2014 at a university in the western USA. Survey had a 15% response rate. Research IRB approved.

Instructors Love DropThought

Innovative Partnership with Quality Matters (QM)

DropThought classifies real-time student feedback into QM’s quality assurance standards

Text Analytics

DropThought uses advanced text analytics technology to classify and align student feedback to QM’s general standards.

Topic Clusters

Student feedback is also clustered by organically derived subtopics and attributes. Sentiments and semantic groupings are tagged at the phrase level.

Research Quality

DropThought uses research-grade techniques for classification of student feedback.

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Provides real-time student feedback analysis on your web browser.
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