Institutions and instructors can now capture real-time student feedback for free using Canvas Learning Management System

SANTA CLARA, CA, SALT LAKE CITY, UT (April 15, 2015) – DropThought today announced it has partnered with Instructure, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, to launch DropThought’s real-time feedback platform on Instructure’s Canvas learning management system (LMS) at no cost to students, instructors and institutions.

Using the DropThought platform, students can anonymously provide feedback on assignments and content throughout the term, allowing them to respond candidly in real-time, instead of at the end of the term when their opinions cannot impact the course. Subscribing institutions benefit from continuous student feedback, tracked trends, aids to accreditation reporting, responding to individual’s comments and ultimately, influencing student success. DropThought leverages its proprietary, deep text analytics technology for powering theses advanced features.

“Feedback from students is so important, but there aren’t many useful tools to help instructors effectively gather it, especially as it’s happening,” said Melissa Loble, vice president of partners and programs at Instructure. “With its platform, DropThought has made it easy to capture, quantify and make sense of students’ feedback on assignments and activities. And by making it available for free on Canvas, this will truly have an impact on the communication students have with their instructors.”

DropThought’s platform allows instructors to track areas of concern with filters, sorting and an easy-to-use search function. It also provides a private two-way line of communication between instructors and individual students, where the instructor can reply to the anonymous comments. The timely feedback enables instructors to receive authentic responses and provides them time to change their tactics during the term if necessary.

“We are excited to offer the Canvas community an effective way to engage with student-centered design and instruction through our free platform,” said Michael Atkisson, senior director of product and business development at DropThought. “Formative feedback enables sufficient instructor reflection for the improvement of instruction over time. No matter the field, DropThought seamlessly illuminates the student narrative on learning to instructors for continuous improvement.”

About Instructure

Instructure, Inc. is the software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology company that makes smart software that makes people smarter. Its cloud-based Canvas learning management system (LMS) now connects more than 18 million teachers and learners at more than 1,200 higher ed and K-12 institutions throughout the world. Because learning doesn’t end after graduation, Instructure also offers Bridge, the modern learning and engagement platform that enables organizations of every kind to engage with employees by measuring and improving employee sentiment, alignment and knowledge in real time. Learn more at

About DropThought, Inc.

DropThought’s Instant Feedback platform empowers students to reflect on their learning and give feedback on experiences in real-time so that instructors and administration may gather, respond to, and analyze feedback. DropThought also uses its text analytics technology to align student feedback to important measures that institutions track. DropThought currently serves leading higher education institutions and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California

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