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The retail industry is readily moving its focus from brick and mortar to a click-and-mortar business model. Brands today are somewhat shifting their focus in leveraging omnichannel marketing strategies. For example, today a buyer prefers to check a product online before purchasing it from the retail shop.

According to Natalie Berg, the co-author of the book ‘Amazon: How the world’s most relentless retailer will continue to revolutionize commerce,’ she said that, “Very few people exclusively shop online or only in stores. They marry the best of both worlds.”

Today the retail world is shifting its focus from selling just the products to actually selling the experiences because now the customer is the king, well customer has always been the king for any business but with changing times and rapidly growing market competition, customers have realized their power and position and in return, they expect the shopping comfort and the best shopping experience. Customers choose brands based on their abilities to offer a better customer experience and they tend to leave a business even after a single bad customer experience, according to studies.

According to a study published by Walker, it reveals that customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator in the next few years.