Large Healthcare Service Provider
7500+ Patients | 2200+ Employees | 100+ Care Centers

  • 38% Overall Improvement in NPS

    Focused on monthly surveys and feedback collection. Net promoter score increased by 38% YoY in the last 2 years.

  • Aligned Leadership Direction with Employees

    Focused on creating a culture of listening, fostering better patient experience indirectly by working on the employee first approach empowerment, and action.

  • Identification of Improvement Opportunities

    Client was able to deep dive and identify micro level areas of improvements using the text analytics. DT identified 1500+ negative sentiments. In a company which focuses on highly customized process and care for each patient and experiences high attrition.

  • 80% Overall Response Rate

    The client’s monthly heartbeat program was able to achieve a staggering response rate of 80% among the whole organization. This meant 80% of the employees were engaged in the 4 years through the heartbeat program.

  • Microscopic Opportunities

    DT was able to pinpoint that the overall sentiment for Management Support category was the most positive whereas they needed to improve Leave Policies and Communication categories. This particular category received highest amount of negative sentiment among the employees.

  • Benchmarking Department Performance

    Identified issues and context relating to the performance of departments. All based on the NPS score and metric scores of key business goals and outcomes.

  • Driver Metrics

    DT discovered key factors affecting their NPS score. This correlation enabled them to improve value over time.

  • Culture

    At Client site every employee is treated like a family member. This tool helped
    them be culturally progressive for their communities and its concerns

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