Using Text Analytics Techniques To Enhance Feedback Effectiveness

Published on:
Wed May 06 2020
Customer Experience

In our data-driven digital age, well-applied text analytics techniques can provide your business with key facts, figures and trends to boost overall employee or customer experience.

Whether you need evaluations of customers or in-house feedback, we have the tools and techniques to gather, store, analyze and implement what you need, when you need it.

At Dropthought, we know that your large-scale enterprise needs a simple yet intuitive system to ensure that you make the most of feedback-related data.

Why You Need Text Analytics Techniques and Other Programs for Customer Service

Businesses operate best when they stay on top of customer needs. Customers also expect more precision and versatility in the responses that they receive from businesses and organizations.

A range of both active and passive services can help a company get a better sense of its customer base and their desires. Dropthought uses a number of tools to get information to your business quickly, including:

  • User-friendly dashboards and reports to keep you informed of feedback and responses
  • Emotional intelligence indicators and metrics customized to your business’s unique needs
  • An intuitive interface that captures the totality of the customer journey
  • Various channels to choose from for the best feedback for your needs

The right programs and services will ensure you stay connected to the market, especially during the tough COVID-19-related disruptions. Choose from event-related feedback, responses from transactions, on-site, digital and much more.

We also feature API integration so that all elements of this enterprise system work seamlessly with your current infrastructure.

Internal Workforce Analytics Needs

Feedback from customers can help boost a business’s ability to better serve its market, individually and collectively.

Almost as important, perhaps more so, is feedback from your own workforce. Smaller companies usually have no need for feedback programs and systems.

Those that employ hundreds or thousands should consider such a system vital. Ownership in large companies has layers of managers and staff between them and the workers. Yet they still must keep track of employee suggestions, complaints and any other important issues.

We can use the same full slate of potential channels with employees as we do with customers. Our team can assess your company’s needs and suggest the best combination of software, services and programs.

You need to be at least as responsive to employees as to customers, particularly with a large workforce. Not only do worker needs get met more effectively, but management can also better foresee and confront challenges before they happen. Reports from employees can also include suggestions for better management and higher productivity.

How Dropthought Can Help

Our team will conduct a thorough assessment of your needs, whether it is improving customer engagement, employee feedback, or both. We will evaluate systems in place, examine how they work and then make suggestions for right fit improvements and upgrades.

We see client service as a team effort. We also welcome feedback from our own clients as we strive to stay ahead of the curve in data analytics.

Reach Out Today

Check out our full range of text analytics techniques and services for internal and external feedback. We dedicate ourselves to providing the best solutions for companies using feedback data.

We encourage you to reach out with any questions about our services. Our team will respond quickly with answers or suggestions. Dropthought can also schedule a virtual meeting so that we can discuss in more detail what services we can provide.

Contact us soon so that our experienced team can help you enhance your data capabilities while responding more effectively.