How To Use Customer Feedback To Improve Service?

Published on:
Mon Feb 07 2022
Customer Experience

Your customers usually have a lot to say. Whether it’s good or bad, customer feedback is always helpful.

It can provide valuable insight that allows you to adjust or improve your services, allowing you to meet the needs of your clients consistently. But how do you decipher feedback effectively?

While most business owners know what a customer feedback system is, many don’t realize how to utilize the data from their customer base.

According to reports, 77% of consumers view a brand more favorably when they proactively ask for and collect customer feedback.

Here at DropThought, we believe in helping businesses gather helpful data from their clients as well as create insightful reports to show how they can grow. Here’s how you and your business use customer feedback to improve service:-

1. It clarifies areas of growth

While you hope your customers are always satisfied, there’s always room for growth. And some of your clients may have creative ideas on ways to improve your product. Whether it’s the product itself, delivery systems, customer support, or something else, your customers are an invaluable resource of new ways for your business to grow.

2. It encourages advocacy

If your client base feels supported and believes in your product or service, they will likely advocate for your company. This grassroots communication will bring you referrals and new clients, ones that you may not have achieved through marketing alone. You can even use your customer feedback system to find people who may be great local ambassadors for your company.

3. Utilize positive reviews for marketing

Most consumers pay attention to reviews, especially when it comes to a new service or product. A customer feedback system will allow you to gather positive, affirming reviews so you can let potential customers know what they can expect from your company. These reviews are crucial for the success of newer companies with innovative products.

4. Increases engagement

People want to know that their opinion matters. And will likely stay engaged if they know you care about their experience. Learn more about your client base with a customer feedback system so that you can create a great interaction with them.

5. Creates an informed net promoter score

Net promoter score (NPS) refers to customers that are willing to refer your company to a friend or colleague. As mentioned above, grassroots communication is incredibly important to the success of a business or product. If you know more about your NPS, you can identify growth areas for your team and business at large.

6. Measures team performance

While your customer support team does its best to support every client, there might be areas where they need improvement. Or, they may be a shining example for the rest of the team to follow. Either way, a customer feedback system improves service and also allows you to learn more about your team’s performance, and helps them understand how to be a better advocate.

While the saying “the customer is always right” may be a thing of the past, the customer does have a right to express themselves. And the feedback they offer is incredibly helpful if you know how to decipher it.

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