How to Get and Analyze Customer Feedback?

Published on:
Wed Dec 15 2021
Customer Experience

Customer feedback is essential for any organization. Unfortunately, not all professional teams understand the importance of customer feedback, or how to collect and properly interpret it. This can result in a stagnant business model, decrease employee satisfaction, and inhibit growth.

Effective ways to get and analyze customer feedback

Once you have established a consistent flow of customer feedback, the next challenge is to determine effective ways to apply that feedback to better your organization. This can be done using a few key techniques.

Collect feedback on multiple platforms

With so many channels of communication, it is important to give your customers a variety of ways to leave feedback. This also helps track the customer journey, and collect feedback over the course of the individual’s experience. For example, shop owners may opt to implement an on-site kiosk where customers can quickly rate their experience immediately as they exit the building. Additionally, business owners may wish to send a feedback form via SMS or email to gain further insight into the customer’s experience in the days following their visit. By posing relevant questions and requesting ratings through various platforms, you will gain a more comprehensive understanding of the preferences of your clientele.

Get event-based responses

While it is valuable to collect information based on the clientele’s overall impression of your organization, gaining insight into the individual events and transactions that occur on a daily basis will provide many additional details that could be useful going forward. Customers should be prompted to assess each interaction with your organization so that your staff can fine-tune their standard of service, and optimize their protocols.


When it comes to customer feedback, the user experience is integral to the process of acquiring real information. Customers should be presented with highly intuitive modes of data collection so that your organization can avoid burdening clients with tedious formats. The user interface should reflect your business with relevant questions, and use language that aligns with your brand. The surveys should be short and engaging as the response rate is based on the length of the survey.

Utilize emotional intelligence-based technology

Business owners who understand the importance of customer feedback must have access to in-depth analyses of data in order to use these insights effectively. If your organization serves a large number of customers on a daily basis, it may be difficult to manually file through and interpret all of the customer feedback that your business receives. By taking advantage of the technology we have today, you can streamline the process of analyzing feedback.

Implement feedback reporting software

Equally as important as gathering the feedback itself is finding an easy way for you and your professional team to interpret it. As previously mentioned, modern technology enables businesses to organize a large quantity of customer feedback into specific categories and flag important indicators that will help you improve the customer experience. At DropThought, data is easily collected and presented to the user through a user-friendly dashboard. We tailor business metrics to your organization to ensure the collection of relevant, actionable information.

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