Five Reasons Why Dropthought’s Instant Feedback Platform Is The Best For Your Business

Published on:
Mon Oct 12 2020
Customer Experience

As organizations go global, their customer base invariably widens. This means customer interactions with your brand increase manifold. And these interactions are no longer confined to traditional channels, like calls or email. Touchpoints are everywhere now – from the time a customer contacts you to check about a new product launch to the time they share their experiences on social media. To paint a fair picture of your product’s market performance, you need an aggregate of all of this feedback, powered by real-time analytics and actionable insights.

Dropthought’s innovative concept stems from the school of thought that instant feedback can be far more revealing than feedback that’s delivered after the fact. As a simple tool that’s workflow- and process-driven, it integrates seamlessly with your customer journey. What results is a warehouse of immensely valuable customer insights, which you can analyse and make game-changing decisions.

Managing customer experiences the right way with Dropthought

Whether you’re in retail, aviation or any other industry sector, experience management is an invaluable thing for your brand. Here’s why Dropthought is the best choice to support you in the quest to deliver and manage exceptional customer experiences:

1. Our Customer Success (CS) unit will work with you relentlessly to boost your NPS

Hands down, this is the #1 reason why we have seen our customer base and satisfaction levels take off, over the years. Our Customer Success unit is truly transformative, and it can be as hands-on or hands-off as your business prefers. Our teams specialize in providing extensive value-based support to midmarket companies and large enterprises. One of the ways we do this is by helping you boost your NPS (Net Promoter Score) and survey engagement levels. We work with you 24x7 to guide you through the whole process – asking the right questions and filtering feedback that matters.

You also get a dedicated team member who will help frame powerful questions, equip you with competitive intelligence based on industry research, and share iterative improvements, comparative insights as well as extensive reports.

2. You get complete authority, extensive customizations and great functionalities

With Dropthought, you have the freedom to control the access you want to give your employees. From administrative control to editor (read/write) access, you get to define who gets to access your surveys, sensitive data and analytics.

There are other amazing functionalities as well. You can, of course, build, templatize or customize intuitive surveys as per your brand preferences, but it doesn’t end there. Dropthought’s surveys can be shared via email, SMS, as a shareable link, QR code, over a kiosk, as web widgets and more. They also seamlessly integrate with a number of apps, allowing your business to take customer obsession to the next level. It is also worth mentioning about the integration of DT API and Janus. Janus enables data to be exported into the external system for further analysis. A user can deploy it to significantly increase the value of applications by extracting data for in-depth and cross domain analytics. User’s can further apply Machine Learning for instant decision making and further leverage on value created through future modernization efforts and down-stream integrations. 

To further facilitate the customers we have launched the Dropthought mobile app.

The mobile app allows you to have complete visibility of all the survey campaigns and receive real time feedback so that users are aware of the issues customers are facing. The app has a friendly user interface and allows any user to track metrics which are most important to them. You can download the app by simply clicking here.

Another extremely useful feature that we have is advanced downstream triggers, which allows users to automate actions based on a predefined criteria. Users can set up alerts and receive notifications via email or/and push notifications. For example, if a branch manager wants to receive a notification everytime someone provides a negative feedback then they simply need to set a particular trigger. This is just one example, but there can be many other examples based on the user’s criteria.

3. We’ll recommend a unique mix of questions that extract relevant responses

Dropthought supports all question formats – from sliders to multiple choice and open questions that accommodate up to 4,000+ characters. We also accommodate 5-rated questions that compel respondents to think beyond the comfort of the passive 3-rating. We’re big proponents of thesmiley face surveys” that are highly visual and a lot more engaging than regular survey questions.

We strategically include an NPS question in feedback surveys, which will determine whether your respondent is a promoter, detractor or on neutral ground. You can analyse further to determine the root cause of the satisfaction or dissatisfaction. You’ll also be able to build behavioural surveys based on skip logic, which can automatically reroute respondents to questions that are more relevant to their experiences. So there’s lower risk of losing their interest midway. Skip logic also ensures that there is a data validity and respondents don’t provide feedback for questions which are not applicable to them.

4. Comprehensive dashboarding means you see high-level as well as drill-down insights

Dropthought’s real-time dashboarding capabilities give you complete visibility over your data and insights. At a glance, you’ll get to see real-time information on:

  • Responses and completion rates, that can be sorted by weekly or monthly views
  • NPS scores, quantified by promoters, passives and detractors
  • Metrics, custom charted for easy interpretation
  • Question-wise breakdowns with downloadable or interactive graphs and charts … and more!

To sum it up, you get the big picture as well as all those minor details that make a difference. The insights you gain can be impressive and surprising!

5. Our powerful analytical engine can perform deep behavioural analytics that tell all

Dropthought helps you design and analyse surveys to reveal phenomenal insights. Key to this is the ability to metricize or quantify your survey responses. The tool’s functionality allows you to map questions to pre-defined metrics. The rating is then pulled into a single analytical point that tells you how you’re doing and gives actionable data on how to plug gaps. This data essentially constitutes your “driver metrics”, which in turn will help you meet your “key metric” – your NPS score.

Wherever the responses are not anonymous, you also get to filter them by meta data, digging deeper into the responder’s psyche. Features like text analytics add to this “profiling” exercise.

What’s really cool is how our analytical engine can scour through open responses to identify positive, negative or neutral text indicators. You get to see category-wise or percentage breakdown of the sentiments involved in the feedback. Essentially, this transforms random, unstructured survey text into valuable insights that are perhaps even more accurate than quantified responses. Brilliant, isn’t it?

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