The Importance of an Instant Customer Feedback System

Published on:
Tue Aug 04 2020
Customer Experience

An instant customer feedback system is a key function of understanding what your customers think and feel, as well as understanding their interactions with your site and product. Customer feedback and reviews are more important than ever in today’s ever-changing digital world. With companies and products vying for customer attention, the competition is stiff. Gathering and displaying your reviews creates customer trust and gives your business or organization a badge of legitimacy. On top of that, understanding your customers’ pain points will give you a chance to better your product or processes. Even negative reviews and feedback have their benefits. Knowing why your customers are unhappy is an opportunity to improve! Responsive companies that address negative reviews and resolve them with customers can turn a negative review into a positive one with the power of human connection.

How Is Feedback Collected Instantly?

Throughout the customer journey on your site, there are plenty of opportunities to find out what they’re thinking and feeling. Asking for feedback throughout the journey increases the chances of getting valuable information from your customers. For example, a pop-up survey within the first few minutes of someone’s arrival to your website or a survey at the end of an interaction is one way to collect instant feedback. Offering incentives is a powerful and effective way to collect feedback. After all, we’re all more likely to do something if we’re offered a reward to sweeten the deal. A clever and fun interface can also act as a magnet for feedback - gamification can turn tedious surveys into something engaging and pleasurable, even for adults!

I’ve Collected Feedback. Now What?

Once you have your raw data, you must organize it into a cohesive report before you can begin implementing any changes. It’s important to analyze and gain insights to truly understand your customers. DropThought offers comprehensive reports and insights into the feelings of your customers. What they think about the interface of your site, product, and customer service are just a few of the metrics we’re able to measure and report on. Other metrics include time spent on your site and the ease-of-use of the processes on your site. Once the data is collected and analyzed, changes can be implemented in problem areas. DropThought recommends a plan of action based on the results of the analysis of your data.

The Final Word

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from customer feedback, but growing ones especially. One of the issues of scaling and growing a business is that as your business grows, so does the distance between you and your customers. There’s a reason shows like ‘Undercover Boss’ are so popular! We can all relate to the distant CEO who has long forgotten what it’s like to be in the trenches, dealing with customers. Both obvious and not-so-obvious feedback is a priceless resource when growing your business. There are things your customers will say and there is other information to be gleaned from their behavior. DropThought offers businesses the opportunity to truly delve into the minds and hearts of their customers. The customer feedback you collect today could be a key to your success tomorrow.