Evolving Business From Surviving To Thriving In A Post-Pandemic World: A Profound & Unprecedented Workforce Disruption

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Fri Jun 05 2020
Employee Experience

Embracing Digital Transformation: Navigating Business Disruption

What an exciting and terrifying time we live in. Over the past two decades, we have experienced a continuum of natural, economic, socio-political and health disasters that have earmarked an era of great disruption for citizens, enterprises and governments alike. From super storms and wildfires to terrorism and oil-price plummets, disease outbreaks and the escalating threat of future pandemics, the overwhelming scope of challenges have left us rapidly learning the lessons of every disaster to respond essentially, as we draw on past experience to avoid previous mistakes and safeguard ourselves against future calamities.

Talking about dealing with our current situation and its impact on the workforce, the coronavirus outbreak and its devastating impact on the economy, people’s livelihoods and the workplace, has quickly become a profound and unprecedented business disruption. Global business leaders and the trickling hierarchy of employees across every organization are collaborating to redefine business strategies, financial models, economic forecasts, and workforce configurations. This includes adapting to the staggered-staffing and work-from-home structures, while implementing new HSE protocols and safety standards, such as in-house health-checks and social distancing, to unearth new found stability and go back to business-as-usual.

Referring back to my opening statement and touching on the excitement within all this fear and chaos, is the opportunity to innovatively-evolve and rise stronger, extra business savvy and more intelligently-connected than ever before. On what foundations do we trust and embark on this revolutionary change? The power of cutting-edge technology and the valuable advancements in digital knowledge and know-how. As a business leader myself, I’ve realized that be it a pandemic or any other new-aged catastrophe, there is no better time than now to start preparing every business for a world in which these disruptions become the norm.

Workforce Disruption & Digital Innovation

dtSmartWorks360 – Rebooting business to rapidly adapt from survival-mode to a thrive model

The last 20 years of digital transformation has enabled companies to overcome times of crises by driving their digital readiness. The pandemic has challenged the workplace status quo and as companies around the world resume operations, the bionic organization is emerging with a new operating model, necessitating a robust digital backbone. The post-pandemic workplace requires technology integration like never before, to expunge siloed operations and simplify complex disparate systems, enabling a 360-degree view of the business and the safety of the people within it. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, are no longer futuristic concepts but rather fundamental criteria or critical digital-competencies, on which organizations automate processes and derive business intelligence, benchmarked on the foundation of built in real-time and streaming analytics, for pertinent and essential decision making.

As foreign and as complicated as this may still sound to companies who fall within the category of digital lagers, digital transformation is no longer an option, but a requisite to survive and thrive in a post-pandemic world. Stringent governance and new mandatory HSE compliance measures, managing the ethical balance between track and tracing employees to mitigate workplace health risks, whilst maintaining their right to privacy and morally supporting staff mental wellbeing, will become cornerstones of every organization. Recent studies conducted worldwide illustrate the emerging apprehension of a global workforce, on the concern of their jobs and the health of their loved ones, which is likely to lead to the culture of cooperation with workplace health screening and tracking measures. With the right digital platform and technology tools, this new way of life can honorably be implemented to safeguard organizations, their employees and extended families.

dt360’s Digital Application Suite - dtSmartWorks360 - facilitates a 360-degree management of new workplace dynamics, empowering organizations to effortlessly and successfully transition to a post-lockdown-normal, enabling workforce to respond, recover and thrive in business. This innovative solution not only manages and measures a new flexible workforce dynamic, but also removes the complexity of rebooting business and introduces simplicity in rethinking the workplace.

Written by: BCT Admin