3 Soft Skills Managers Need To Lead Hybrid Teams

Published on:
Mon Dec 04 2023
Employee Experience

When it comes to the workplace, we’re facing a unique situation as we re-emerge and enter a post-pandemic period of work. In the last 2 years, the workplace has evolved more than it has in the previous decade. The way we interact and communicate has changed tremendously as a result of COVID-19, and the border between “work” and “life” is blurrier than it has ever been.

According to reports, “80% of global corporate remote work policies had shifted to virtual and mixed forms of virtual team collaboration during the early part of the coronavirus crisis”.

Most businesses have never dealt with the concept of engaging hybrid teams. On the other hand, hybrid teams are becoming more popular as the workforce adapts to new challenges and trends.

Numerous businesses still encourage their employees to work remotely in a safe and secure environment, due to the rise of covid cases. The employees who are required to work in the office frequently find themselves collaborating with remote coworkers and business partners. This results in the formation of hybrid teams in all directions.

Managers, who will be leading teams of both live and remote personnel, are, of course, the ones most responsible for this change. Leading a hybrid team, on the other hand, is not easy. It is a new game for most managers.

It is no surprise that managers are upgrading their skills to better manage hybrid teams from the office or at home, depending on the situation.

Top 3 soft skills managers need to lead hybrid teams.


1. Conversation

Communication is typically one of the most important aspects of leadership development, but the hybrid workplace has generated new obstacles for many people. One of the biggest challenges is treating remote and in-office employees equally. It is easier said than done.

It is difficult because of the following reasons:-

  • Many employees work on various schedules.
  • Not all team members can communicate fully face-to-face.

It is important for a business leader to find ways to overcome these challenges and need to promote equality.

To promote equality and openness inside the company, hybrid managers must guarantee that all employees feel heard and receive the same messages.

2. Determination

Experienced managers are well aware of the significance of motivating themselves and others around them in order to achieve their objectives. However Keeping your team's morale high during a pandemic is more crucial than ever and more difficult than ever, since they face greater stress levels, fear about their safety and economic instability, and the risk of burnout once employees return to work.

In order to help your team members push through, leading managers should use various motivational strategies such as leading in any situation with the help of an example and becoming more involved.

The simplest way to lead by example is to lead from the front. Participating in your team's efforts demonstrates that you value their work, recognize their contribution, and respect their time. Getting involved does not mean taking over the initiative rather, showing your team that you support their work.

3. Emotional Quotient

This is one of the most important soft skills managers required to lead hybrid teams. Emotional intelligence is the capacity to recognize and understand your own emotions as well as the emotions of others. While some employees may believe that emotion has no place in the workplace and that logic should rule. The finest leaders should pay attention to how their employees are feeling and engage with them on an emotional level.

For example, Remind your associates that you care about their emotions in one-on-one meetings and at team meetings, and invite them to share their thoughts as a group or privately with you.

According to research, “80% of employees consider emotional intelligence crucial for developing their careers.”

In an increasingly complex environment, managers are at the forefront of making hybrid work. The above-mentioned soft skills are required to be present in the managers to lead the hybrid teams of their company. Also, the managers will need organizational assistance to play the key role in encouraging well-being, sustaining performance, and cultivating a sense of belonging in hybrid teams. Inclusive leadership is no longer a nice-to-have for businesses; it is a need.

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