3 Employee Experience Challenges And How To Address Them

Published on:
Mon Sep 12 2022
Employee Experience

You've worked hard to create the type of company employees want to work in. You've hired well, set expectations clearly, and provided them with everything they need to succeed. But still, some employees feel overwhelmed.

Others are disengaged or just become unhappy. What's going on?

The problem isn't always that your employees have a bad attitude or aren't motivated; it's often that they're facing real challenges at work that you can address if you know about them first.

The employee experience is an important element in any organization's success. A positive employee experience can lead to higher retention rates, improved productivity, and a stronger bottom line.

Top 3 employee experience challenges which organizations needs to address to create a better experience

1. Employees are Stressed

When employees feel stressed within an organization, it impacts their physical and mental health. They're more likely to miss work, which can ultimately lead to higher absenteeism rates and turnover issues. Plus, stress can create more issues like anxiety or depression.

According to reports, “Stress, anxiety, and depression cost the global economy around $1 trillion in lost productivity”.

Empowering employees with autonomy and control over their work will reduce stress.

For example, consider giving employees the option to work from home or a location of their choice. In addition, flexible scheduling is another way to reduce stress.

To resolve this employee experience challenge, you can also encourage your employees to take time off from work to relax. Doing so will increase productivity overall because employees are more energized when they return after taking a much-needed break away from their daily responsibilities as an employee.

According to reports, “PwC US has announced that it will shut down its offices for two weeks a year as part of a wider $2.4 billion investment in benefits and wellbeing”.

2. Lack of opportunities for employee growth

Are there adequate opportunities for employee growth? If not, that can be a reason why employees aren't motivated. You can always work with them to create career paths and provide training opportunities so that they can develop their skill set and succeed in their role.

Additionally, if you don’t give any raise or promotion to employees, then they will feel like there are fewer chances to grow and will become less interested in their work.

While money isn't everything (and some people do care more about learning new things than earning more) but it does motivate employees who want something tangible out of their jobs!

3. Get a clear understanding of what the employees want

This is also one of the important employee experience challenges that companies need to focus on. Understanding the employee needs is an important part of improving the employee experience.

Until you understand what is important to your employees and incorporate those values ​​into your strategy, your employees may find it difficult to work for your company. That's why it's important to understand what employees expect and to find a middle ground that allows you to balance the needs of your company and those of your employees.

Employee experience surveys with good questions can help you understand employee perspectives. You can also encourage managers and leaders to ask questions and get employee feedback to better understand employees’ motivational factors.


The employee experience is a crucial part of any business because it can help you attract and retain top talent who will create value for your company. But there’s more: employee experience is also an important part of keeping customers happy with your brand.

It's so important that companies do what they canto resolve employee experience challenges and to make employees feel appreciated and valued on their journey with you—from hiring through ongoing training programs.

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