3 Simple Steps To Improve Employee Experience

Published on:
Wed Jan 13 2021
Employee Experience

Since the world got hit by the whole Covid-19 pandemic situation, employees’ lives and jobs across the world got significantly influenced. Everything turned upside down, businesses had to adapt to the new way of working, and Employees' working experience also got disrupted. Efforts were needed to be made in order to help employees settle into the new working environments. The COVID-19 pandemic has made businesses alter their work dynamics, embrace new technologies, and think over their internal communication channels. Companies now are devoting more time and effort to creating a positive and sustainable employee experience during the pandemic. Companies are also focusing on adjusting their pre-existing strategies to keep their employees’ experience, morale, and productivity as high as possible, in order to meet the bottom lines and keep the revenue flowing.

To create a better way forward and make employees feel heard and comfortable in the ‘new’ found a way of working, it is important to pay close attention to Employee Feedback more than ever.

A Gartner survey revealed that only 13% of employees are fully satisfied with their work experience.

Collecting feedback is one thing and acting on or responding to the feedback in a timely fashion is more important than anything else, to help employees feel their thoughts matter and that the organization cares about them. So many organizations need to work on this, it contributes to employee engagement score and boosts positive employee experience.

Feedback provided by employees opens up windows of opportunity for employers and businesses to get an in-depth understanding of their wellbeing and their state of mind in current situations. It has been observed that Engagement surveys have proved themselves to be of most importance, as they provided significant insights. Through them, companies and businesses now know and understand more about the drivers of engagement, the impact of engagement on business results and so much more.

We can go deeper and better seek to truly understand our workforce in real-time.

Easy ways to improve employee experience

Trying different approaches to improve and enhance employee experience is the need of the hour, let’s discuss few ways to do this efficiently

Setting up better more clear crisis communication channels and strategies: 

Companies and businesses must always keep their people first in the face of adversities. When a crisis occurs, organizations more often tend to focus mainly on their external communication efforts than internal communications. Setting up a proper channel to communicate both externally and internally should be prioritized to tackle the crisis together as a team. This will help employees get clarity of the situation, will help them feel secured and less frustrated.

Understanding employee needs by encouraging them to share how they feel in real-time:

Feedback is most important to improve the employee experience. Organizations must understand that the worst thing they can do to their employees during a crisis like Covid19 is to leave them in the dark wondering about what to do next. Hearing your employees and understanding the challenges they may be facing in this new working environment can possibly help organizations to improve their services and offerings. Many companies and organizations are now implementing company-wide surveys, including the questions related to work from home experience and how the management can help further? These surveys help management teams gather actionable insights and a better opportunity to connect with the teams and employees on a more personal level.

Effectively communicating the company’s vision:

Since the work-from-home setting is the new way to make ends meet for businesses across the globe, it is important to know and understand the employee engagement and productivity levels. And to do so it is indeed crucial to help your employees understand your companies’ vision, it is the only way to go. Leaders and management teams must regularly set up “all-hands meeting” to communicate with all the team members, this activity helps employees feel motivated and hopeful about their future with the company. Weekly announcements and weekly surveys are also ways to stay connected with the employees and help them understand their importance in the organization.

In order to improve employee experiences, it is critical for organizations to focus on feedback and recognition of employee performance, as well as providing equal and multiple opportunities for professional development and career growth. At Dropthought we believe that to build a sustainable relationship with an employee, we must value their feedback. We believe in building a situation-based and feedback-centric employee engagement plan that will not only help organizations to leverage the data collected abundantly but also if done right this can turn into a long-lasting opportunity to keep your employees intact and keep the revenue bar up and running. Your employees can express their opinions through the surveys and provide suggestions for improvement.

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