Voice of Customer

Capture actionable feedback in real-time from customers. Customer comments are then classified into specific categories and mapped to stakeholders using DropThought’s proprietary text analytics technology.


Get specific and actionable feedback from your customers in-the-moment and understand the "why" behind ratings.


Managers get real-time alerts via the DT Manager mobile app, enabling them to act quickly.


Receive actionable text analytics reports (comment analysis), highlighting specific customer needs and event NPS® score.

Stakeholders get results with DropThought



Gather real-time feedback from customers on specific sessions when they are engaged, rather than after the event.
DropThought’s unique interface includes the ability to add speaker, product and company images.
DropThought instant feedback is integrated with leading agenda management software.
Enable real-time mobile alerts both on and off-site, enabling quick action.
Powerful insights and trend reports for managers. DropThought captures high volumes of open-ended customer comments and structures them into meaningful patterns.
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