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We believe that feedback is the single most important aspect to growth. We want to make feedback simple, intuitive and re-define the ways we collectively engage and deliver insights. the


Dropthought brings together a diverse team of technology and business experts with experience in entrepreneurship, data management, machine learning, customer success, business development, digital solutions, and a lot more.

All of us at Dropthought believe that experience management and democratization of feedback is the next global trend that will improve the lives of everyone.

With a combination of enterprise-grade experience management platform and expert services, we help organizations of all sizes to create delightful experiences—from start-ups to global enterprises.


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Chief Executive Officer


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Vice President


Anirudh SriramanAnirudh_39578e9772.svg

Head of Products


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Head of Customer Success


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Chief Technology officer


Our foundations are set on openness and honesty. We're not perfect, but neither is anyone else. We're striving to create channels that enhance the voice of everyone in the organization, to enable data-driven decision-making through feedback.

Get instant feedback from your customers, Respond to customers immediately and resolve issues quickly, Promote your business on social media,

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