Dropthought is a real-time experience management platform that helps organizations to understand, manage and improve the experiences of their customers, employees, fans, and other stakeholders. We enable organizations to go from insights to action with our easy-to-use and intuitive platform.

Key Features

Our platform is designed to empower users to create programs and strategies that refine experiences. All our features are developed considering the new challenges in the experience management industry and how can help to solve them. With our survey creation, impactful dashboards, mobile app, integration capabilities, and omnichannel feedback collection capabilities – we can help you to improve any experience through a data-driven and action-oriented approach.

Get real-time and on-site feedback from our kiosks


Dropthought kiosks can be placed in places like event venues, stadiums and sporting arenas to capture in the moment feedback. Kiosks are not only great for live events but also at places like auto dealerships and restaurants where customers have a high footfall.

To capture the feedback, you don’t even need to be there to monitor the programs or questions. All this can be done through our mobile app with convenience and ease.

You can access the results in real-time and take any corrective action if required, however, if kiosks are placed at a place with limited connectivity our offline mode will still collect feedback and the data can be uploaded to see results on the dashboard when you have the connectivity.

Easily create impactful surveys to meet different business objectives!


Generate insights to improve experiences by creating surveys. Creating surveys using Dropthought is easy due to the user-friendly interface. 

While you can create one from scratch, you can alternatively choose to use a library of pre-built survey templates, which are created by industry experts for different verticals and solutions. These templates already have ready to use metrics, triggers, and questions. You just need to specify how you would like to distribute the survey and publish it.

Through surveys you can conduct any type of research, target respondents based on demographics and location, create logic flows for accurate and valid responses, and much more!

Easily create and access Dashboards to gather powerful insights


Dropthought dashboards provide powerful data visualizations and ease of accessibility. You can create customized dashboards based on KPIs and metrics that matter the most. Our algorithms handle it for you and your data is represented in an intuitive way. Based on the demographic data, users can create segments to help them identify the root cause behind the problems. With advanced filtering, slice and dice the look at the “who”, “how” and “why”.  Every tab has insights about the programs. The simple to understand graphs present highly useful information in a visually appealing way.

Understand “why” behind the unstructured responses with Text Analytics


Many users provide written feedback which is unstructured and hard to analyze at scale. Our Text Analytics capabilities powered by Machine Learning automatically analyze a large amount of text feedback so you can understand what matters most to your stakeholders and how you can improve their experiences. It guides you to better listen to what conversations revolve around and what is driving the scores. Responses to open-end questions cannot only help you to analyze key performance indicators but also the reasoning behind them. These insights can be further used to add an organized and planned approach to further refine the feedback management system.

Identify and understand which metrics matter the most and how to improve them!


Whereas NPS, CSAT, and CES are the most measured metrics, we give the users and organizations the flexibility to define the metrics that matter most to them besides these. In our dashboard, you can get granular insights on these metrics. Not only can you easily access the scores, but you can also determine which parameters or factors lead to that score. For example, if your NPS is low, users can drill down deeper to perform a root cause analysis behind the metric’s score and can strategically design their actions to correct the metric's performance and improve the overall key metric score.

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