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Join the crew of organizations that believe in adopting new techniques to address the employees’ issues and find solutions using Dropthought.

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Easily and quickly survey your entire team, ensuring their anonymity while making feedback more honest. Once answers come in, your company can make sense of all of the information due to robust data visualization, analytics, and reporting functionality. When work is safe, employees are happier and more productive. With Dropthought solutions, actively listen to your employees to improve their experience at critical touchpoints along the employee journey.

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Gather and validate key insights To Realign Your Actions and Strategies!


Research shows that companies with excellent EX have employees that are 1.5 times more engaged than employees at companies with less satisfactory EX. With our Dropthought program, you can identify factors that are working great for your organization and reduce employee churn by recognizing warning signs prior to the events. Get to know your Net Promoter Score (NPS) and other key insights on your promoters, detractors, and other factors affecting your company.

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An Expert Session With Our Specialist


Our dedicated Customer Success Team will work closely with you to create a tailored employee feedback program to avoid typical pitfalls that stop businesses from taking action. Using industry best practices we’ll help you design a survey around tailored metrics and outcomes. We help you identify the most relevant touchpoints and implement contactless feedback and track employee experience KPIs in real-time across the organization. With our constant support, transform all structured and unstructured feedback into consolidated reports with actionable insights and empower your team to proactively identify and win back dissatisfied colleagues.

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Our All-In-One Covid-19 Solutions Suite For Employees


While we wait for this crisis to pass, we want to let you know that we have implemented 360-degree workplace reboot solutions to overcome these challenges. It consists of crowd management to ensure safe distancing, a service to record, and store the list of employee/visitor declarations. Get feedback from employees on the changes that are rolled out with Dropthought solutions and use our complimentary helpline service to address employee queries and mental well-being. You can also contact tracing employees within the workplace and record/report health parameters like temperature, etc.

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