Santa Clara, CA (August 11, 2014) – DropThought announces the release of its instant feedback platform for US higher education instructors to capture student feedback. Instructors can sign up at DropThought Higher Ed.

DropThought offers students and instructors distinctive capabilities:

  • Unique Affordances: Real-time, anonymous, private, one-to-one, 2-way, requested/organic.
  • Feedback on Student Learning: Students average 40 words per feedback, thoughtfully engaging in learning reflections, not professor ratings.
  • LMS and Mobile: Feedback widgets for assignment specific feedback in the LMS (LTI through Blackboard Learn 9.1, Moodle, Canvas) and/or the DropThought mobile app for anywhere/anytime feedback.
  • Intuitive Feedback Dashboards: Searchable feedback organized by sentiment, assignment, date, device source, and question.
  • Open-Ended Push Questions: Send questions to students’ mobile devices through push notifications for open-ended, anonymous answers.
  • For Subscribing Institutions: Classified student feedback per sentiment and topic.

Michael Atkisson, DropThought’s Senior Director of Product and Business Development says,

″DropThought is a game-changing platform for higher education. Student feedback today is poorly served without a forum to anonymously give feedback at the moment of experience. End-of-course evals, clickers, social media, or face-to-face are either after-the-fact or self-identified. Where as with DropThought, students engage deeply and often, giving thoughtful feedback about their learning experiences, all along the course. researchers at BYU, “…were blown away with how much feedback students gave!″

With DropThought, Instructors can harness the power of real-time power of anonymous student voice. It’s free to sign up starting today.

About DropThought, Inc.

DropThought’s Instant Feedback platform empowers students to reflect on and give feedback on their learning in real-time so instructors may gather, respond to, and analyze feedback, leading to increased engagement, improved experiences, and higher satisfaction. DropThought is driving student experience in two-year, four-year, private, and public institutions including Stanford, California Community Colleges, University of Utah, and BYU.

Michael Atkisson, Senior Director, Product and Business Development, DropThought

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