Challenges faced by CEOs

November 10, 2020 at 6:00 AM
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With almost the entire world shutting down for the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 has brought forth a unique set of challenges. From the economical aspect, there are many unanswered questions; from the business aspect, the pressure on CEO’s and leaders is daunting. With the sudden shutdown of the worldwide economy raising concerns, figuring out ways to re-establish and restart is not going to be easy.

Kevin Cashman: In a crisis, “perform” can become “survive,” and that can provoke fear. Many CEOs right now are saying, “I have to act. I have to move forward.” But sometimes the desire to thrive, to transform, requires you to slow down. The more something is complex, the more need to go slow to get it right. The paradox in the crisis is where do you push, where do you pause. You have to do both.

The job of a CEO is already strenuous enough, and amidst such situations it is only becoming more difficult. A CEO’s ability to demonstrate empathy, stay engaged, and maintain their fact-based approach is at test, pushing us to wonder whether CEO’s are courageous enough to make the decisions that will connect the organization with the upcoming future? It is safe to assume that nobody was prepared to battle an unprecedented crisis such as COVID-19.

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