Why You Need Customer Feedback This Black Friday

Published on:
Mon Oct 05 2020
Customer Experience

Black Friday and to some extent, Cyber Monday are some of the biggest shopping events of the year. Looking for deals, millions of shoppers purchase goods and services both online and in person. Competition is stiff, and customers will be looking at feedback from other shoppers when choosing which store to shop at. DropThought can help you capture this feedback and implement it in time for Black Friday.

This year, Black Friday falls on November 27, and there is still time left to gather valuable customer feedback, display it on your website and use customer data to increase sales.

The Importance of Customer Feedback for Holidays

With so many different stores to choose from, shoppers are increasingly turning to the reviews of fellow shoppers when deciding which products to buy and where to buy them. With DropThought, you have a centralized way to gather this feedback.

For major shopping holidays such as Black Friday, Valentine’s, and Christmas it’s vital to present your store as one that values its customers and gives them positive products and shopping experiences. Not only does customer feedback tell the world what others think of your business and products, but it also gives you insights into your customers’ thoughts and feelings. As a business owner, it’s imperative to understand what makes your customers happy (so you can continue doing it) and what displeases them (so you can amend it). Once you have this data, it’s important to organize and understand it. DropThought offers comprehensive reporting that allows you to understand what your customers love and what they don’t. With that data, we also offer solutions and actionable insights.

How DropThought Gathers Customer Feedback

There are many touchpoints throughout the customer shopping experience when feedback can be gathered. Starting with their first arrival to your website and ending with a follow-up email, there are many opportunities in between to gather feedback. DropThought's feedback gathering system is built into your customer journey and is easily integrated with websites, mobile apps, email, tablets, and kiosks. We can help you with our customized surveys, customer journey tracking, employee engagement tracking all presented through our intuitive dashboards that help you understand your audience. Our quick set-up process can get your store ready for this upcoming Black Friday!

How to Address Negative Feedback

Negative feedback happens. It’s what happens after that separates okay businesses from really great businesses. Look at it as an opportunity to better understand your customers and show them that if someone has a negative experience with your store, you will do your best to make things right. If you choose to start gathering customer feedback in time for Black Friday, you may gather a few negative reviews. This is no reason to despair. It’s best practice to leave the negative review and reach out to the unhappy customer and try to come to a resolution.

The Final Word

As Black Friday draws nearer, your store’s online reputation and presence have never been more important. You may have a beautifully designed site, amazing products, and a seamless checkout process. But without customer feedback, your store is missing a crucial piece of the puzzle. Competent business owners understand that your online presence is as important as the aforementioned parts of a business. Set your business up for success, learn about your customers’ behaviors and desires, and get ready for one of the biggest shopping days of the year with us!