Types Of Employee Surveys To Learn About Company Culture

Published on:
Wed Feb 02 2022
Employee Experience

It’s important to keep a pulse on your company’s culture. If you feel there’s starting to be a shift away from how you want the workplace to feel you might start trying to make efforts to shift things back to the way they were. However, it can also be difficult to put your finger on exactly how everyone is feeling or what they’re up to. At DropThought, we can help you get the answers you’re looking for by using different question formats and scopes of employee surveys.

Survey format

You can format your surveys in multiple ways to get the answers you’re looking for. We have two examples below that should help to get you started.

1. 5-answer Likert scale questions

If you’re not familiar with the Likert scale, it’s a set of answers commonly used in surveys that include options such as “Strongly Agree,” “ Agree,” “Neutral,” Disagree,” and “Strongly Disagree.” You can gain a significant amount of information about how your employees feel about the company culture by using the Likert scale to answer survey questions. For instance, you might ask something similar to, “I feel that my co-workers are encouraging in the work I do.”

2. Open-ended questions

You don’t have to ask for five-paragraph essay answers from your workers to get a good idea of what they’re feeling with open-ended questions. One way you can ask open-ended questions in your survey would be to take the same question from above and phrase it like this: “Do you feel that your co-workers are encoring? Why or why not?” The questions themselves don’t have to be difficult to answer. You can encourage employees to expound on their thoughts by simply asking them why they do or don’t feel a certain way about their answer to the question. Open-ended questions allow respondents to share any opinion or feedback which can be missed in the other type of questions. Also using Text Analytics, you can find insights from vast amounts of data collected through open-ended questions.

Scope of Employee Survey

Adjust the scope of your surveys to learn about specific parts of your company’s culture. Is the management team properly training low-level employees? Are employees engaged in their work? We’ve included three particular types of employee surveys you can provide to your employees to learn about certain areas of your company you’d like.

1. Employee effectiveness

When looking for specific aspects of the culture in your company, ask how effective employee development programs are or how supportive managers are. If your employees feel that you don’t have a culture that fosters growth and development, when this is something you’re striving for, it might be time to implement programs that help to encourage growth within the ranks. You can also learn more about how effective your management team is at providing feedback and direction for their team.

2. Employee engagement

In a perfect world, everyone is totally engaged in their job and does their best work on every project. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, and there are some people within your company who don’t do their best work or are regularly looking for a new job. You can get an idea of how many of these people work for you and what you can do to help them re-engage in their work.

3. Employee experience

If you’re going to look at the culture of your company, you need to understand the employee experience. Get an idea of what it’s like at the ground level where the rubber meets the road. What’s it like for the group of people who take care of the minutia in company operations? Your employee experience survey should tell a lot about this aspect of your business.

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