Top 7 TV Shows To Watch While Working From Home

Published on:
Tue Mar 17 2020

As more and more companies in the the USA take precautions against COVID-19 virus, it comes as no surprise that many employees have it mandatory for employees to work home and the list is growing every day. Whereas closure by companies like Facebook, Google made it to the headlines there are many other companies which have followed similar approach.

Dropthought, valuing employees comfort also made it mandatory to work from home until the situation improves.

If you are used to the usual office environment, then working from home may require a certain change of attitude. Working from home has its perks and has some costs too. You have to find a balance between silence and distraction. Even too much silence can be distracting. The biggest perks of working from home are the saved commute time and the flexibility to work from your couch or your bed. It’s your work that matters and many companies fully realize that. One downside surely of working from home is the you miss the usual chit chat, scoops and any other distraction which makes your work and day worthwhile.

While working from home, presents challenges it is also an opportunity to catch up on a few things. If you are all done with the work and have some time to kill, then there’s no better time to catch up on some TV shows that you have missed or have been on your wish list for a while.

Some of the TV shows that we highly recommend you watch while working from home:

1) The Office (U.S.)

The Office is the quintessential comedy setup in a traditional corporate environment. Even though the show has ended, it remains one of the highest watched shows on Netflix. It is is a comedic “office scenario” detailing the hilarity that occurs from 9-5 at a seemingly normal paper company branch in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Dunder Mifflin is a place where next to no work gets done and sets the stage with colorful characters that are guaranteed to entertain. Steve Carrell stars as Michael Scott the business head, who really provides all the famous one-liners. The show deals with many workplace issues and offers a comedic perspective which makes it all the worthwhile. It is a show, that even if you have seen it you can certainly do a re-run and it will be still as interesting.

2) It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

IASIP started as a small-scale comedy show on FX and since then has gained a loyal following like no other show. IASIP tests the boundaries of comedy on TV and after 14 seasons, the gang is going strong. It is currently tied for the longest running live action comedy series in television history and another season will officially seal the deal for them. Danny Devito who has been a regular star since season 2 absolutely nails as Frank. the show revolves around “gang” and their usual adventures (read: misadventures). Each member display unethical behavior and traits such as dishonesty, hedonism and excessive drinking. IASIP may not be a show the everyone likes, but for the ones that do like it, no other show even comes close to it.

3) Game of Thrones

This may seem a cliché, but now that the last season has ended and the memories of a bad ending are starting to fade, there is nothing better to binge watch than GOT. From its epic intro music to the intricate plot details, relive the show which made fantasy and dragons mainstream. The complex narratives truly highlight that its never easy to paint anything as good or evil. The show is a cinematic and a visual masterpiece and another run of the show is just what you can do to get a daily dose of Westeros.

4) Sherlock 

If you are looking for something short then 4 seasons of Sherlock is something that’s perfect for you. Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Sherlock, a role that has made him a global star. Sherlock has set new standards for the quality of its writing, acting, and direction. Setup in a classical English background, the show captures the essence of actual Sherlock Holmes detective series. The impact of show is such that a new generation of readers started reading Sherlock Holmes novels because of the show. And if you still need more reasons, the perfect background has received critical acclaim and really amplifies the emotions of the scenes.

5) Stranger Things

Stranger Things came out of nowhere and became an instant global phenomenon. Setup in classical 80s theme and background, it is a show for everyone who was nostalgic for that decade. The music, the mood and intro (synthesizers at thier their best) all capture that mood. The show itself explores the themes of supernatural, science fiction and drama-horror. Each episode of each season of the show is seen by its creators, brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, as more of a film than a TV series, which makes it perfect for binge-watching.

6) The Voice

Ofcourse, not a usual choice but consider the broad appeal of the show its not a bad choice. The Voice has has compelling judges, interesting format and extremely talented singers. Some of the first round performances have gone viral globally, further elevating the show. Also you can pick and choose the performances or episodes you want to see. Best of all, you can play the songs in the background while working and multitask in a very effective manner.

7) Person of Interest:

This show may not be featured on top lists regularly but certainly deserves a recognition in our opinion. Created by Jonathan Nolan (Christopher Nolan’s brother) the series perfectly explores the themes of AI, government surveillance and moral choices we make with the abundance of technology. The entire plot of how a guy creates an artificial intelligence that is so smart, it can predict crimes before they happen by analyzing Big Data seems super entertaining. The entire show is shot in New York and offers some great visuals and cinemaphotography. As we step into an era where surveillance is increasing, this show truly captures the feeling of being in a world where you are being monitored all the time.

We’re sure these shows will keep you busy for a good amount of time. Did we miss any shows which you think should have been on our list? Let us know by commenting in the section below and as always be safe and prosperous.