Strategies To Turn Your Detractors Into Promoters

Published on:
Mon May 27 2024
Customer Experience

Having a detractor is not only a loss for your business, but it could also be a win for your competitors. Measures taken in a timely manner to improve the customer experience for detractors can benefit your future and present users, promoters, and passives.

It’s worth discussing who are detractors and promoters, and how you can convert your detractors into promoters.


Customers whose experience with your brand or company has been negative or unsatisfactory are known as detractors.

Key points to remember about detractors:-

1. In comparison to positive experiences, a bigger percentage of customers tend to share a bad experience with the brand.

2. Detractors can have a negative impact on your firm, and even their unfavorable stories can discourage potential customers.

3. With an increase in the number of detractors, your attrition rate tends to rise as well. It must be reduced.


Your evangelists are your promoters; they are the opposite of your detractors. These are the customers who know everything about your brand. Promoters are delighted with your product or service, and they make it a point to tell their friends and family about it.

About NPS

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a customer loyalty and satisfaction metric that is calculated by asking customers on a scale of 0 to 10 how likely they are to suggest your product or service to others.

Aggregate NPS scores assist companies in improving customer service, customer support, delivery, and other aspects of their operations in order to boost customer loyalty.

The quantity of promoters in your customer base is directly related to your brand image. This is why, regardless of your industry, increasing your NPS is important.

Top strategies to turn detractors into promoters

Here are the strategies to consider to turn your detractors into promoters:-

Honesty and Integrity

These are the most vital qualities that a firm should possess. Setting unrealistic expectations and failing to meet them is a no.

Empathy towards customers

Customers want their problems to be heard by real, caring people who will listen to their problems and offer appropriate solutions. Traditional chatbots irritate customers, and they are unlikely to offer feedback.

Ensure a timely response time

Whenever a customer has a question or a complaint, make sure you respond quickly. When your customer support team respects customers’ time and gives solutions in hours rather than days, your brand image improves significantly.

Finish the loop

It’s important that you respond quickly to your detractors and gently address their issues and questions. That is not the only step; to improve the customer experience, you must also share their opinions and data with other departments.

Learn from your mistakes

Customers who are dissatisfied are your best source of information. They will assist you in improving customer happiness and experience. It’s not just about increasing your NPS score by ‘X’ amount of points or outperforming your competition. A customer who has been irritated by a poor experience can become your biggest advocate if their problems are addressed appropriately and promptly.

Prioritize the customer issues

Customers that have a variety of issues may contact your customer care. It will be beneficial to have a system in place that prioritizes the most serious situations and schedules the less serious instances for later.

It takes time and effort to convert a detractor into a promoter. Even with a lot of work, some detractors may never become promoters. Take it all in stride.

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