Reshaping Customer Experience And The Importance Of Feedback During A Pandemic

Published on:
Thu Jul 09 2020
Customer Experience

Adapting Customer Interaction Strategies in the Age of COVID-19: The Imperative of Feedback and Digital Engagement

Customer interaction and consumer behaviour is going through a dramatic transformation overnight amidst the COVID-19 crisis, forcing companies to re-think their course of action. Given that this is going to reshape the way that customers and businesses engage with each other, it should make businesses reconsider how they communicate with customers overall while keeping their safety on top priority. Now the challenge is not just to stand-out, but to pivot, innovate and transform.

Just a few weeks ago, online communication was a popular choice for consumers — now it is the primary option. Although normal business routines are in a state of flux, companies can’t afford to lose their focus on the customer experience. Cloud-based solutions, increased automation, streamlined processes and other customer experience technologies can all help you ensure that your customer relationships outlast the current crisis, but keeping a track of feedback provided by customers will remain the most important option to make-a-way out of this loop.

Digital structures have now taken over the brick and mortar stores and it is more important then ever to come up with a long-term sustainable plan to engage with customers. Here are a few important factors we may consider:

Feedback matters:

At DT we believe that to build a sustainable relationship with a customer, we must value their feedbacks. We all love it when we are heard and when our opinions are appreciated, bring in the same emotion into business perspective, think about the kind of impact it will leave on customers and their overall experience. While we are observing shelter-at-home and social distancing, No touch surveys and feedbacks collected directly from a consumer has helped with this entire digital transformation, also, data collected through these surveys has helped businesses to adapt quickly according to the situation. However, from customer perspective, the entire shopping experience has taken a turn significantly. “Grocery ecommerce soared in the second week of March, almost twice the growth rate.” In addition, there has been a tremendous growth in U.S. e-commerce orders.

As digital shopping is taking over during the pandemic, and well to be honest it will continue for a long-time post pandemic too, it’s important to make sure that we value customer feedbacks and assure them that their safety and their concerns are of top most priority.

Provide and deliver through various digital options: When we talk about digital options, it is important to understand that maintaining a connection with the customer can be done through various platforms, it is important to have a functional website but it is not imperative to own one, there are so many different social media channels through which you can engage customers and cater to their needs. Good thing about going all digital is that options to explore various creative ideas are unlimited, you can engage with clients through YouTube tutorials, zoom sessions, writing blogs, providing various offers, almost all the industries and verticals can put their best creative minds to gather content that will help them get maximum traffic or customer engagement.

Remember that building a situation based and feedback centric client engagement plan will not only help businesses during pandemic, but if done right this can turn into a long-lasting opportunity to keep your customers intact and keep the revenue bar up and running.