Learn How Technology Is Reshaping The Fan Experience

Published on:
Mon Aug 02 2021
Fan Experience

Harnessing Technology: Reshaping the Fan Experience in Sports

Technology has always been a key player in the sports world. From transforming broadcasts (both online and on TV) to revolutionizing the attendance experience and beyond, it has had a major role in the advancement of sports throughout the ages. And it will continue to do so in the future.

When technology has such a profound impact on almost every thread of sports, fan experience can’t remain untouched. Undoubtedly, it has transformed the fan experience as well, and for good. If you don’t believe it, think about how you get updates on your favorite sports now versus how you used to get them when you were a kid. The chances are that you will find many significant differences.

But how exactly technology is changing fan experience remains a key question for sports franchises.

In this blog, you will learn about the role technology is playing in reshaping the fan experience. But before we delve into that, here are some key facts you should know:

According to a recent report:

● Nearly 70% of fans agree that emerging technologies have improved their overall viewing experience, both outside and inside the stadium.

● If fans find their tech experience entertaining, a majority (56%) of them will look forward to attending more matches while 92% will think about spending more on online sports channel subscriptions.

● Nearly three-quarters of Asian fans have experienced the incorporation of evolving technology in the stadiums, with India heading at 88%.

These statistics are more than enough to get a glimpse of how technology is playing a bigger role in supercharging fan experience than ever.

Feedback Collection

Fan experience can be defined only by fans. Regardless of your offerings or how thrilling the game was, if your fans did not like the game or found something amiss in your offerings, you can’t consider their experience great.

Feedback is crucial to confirm if your services stand true to your fans' expectations. It helps you know where you lack and what your strengths are. What areas will you need to work on as a sports business, and what things can further improve the fan experience?

But gathering feedback on a large scale is challenging. This is where technology turns up in the form of feedback collection tools. They help you seamlessly collect feedback from fans who attend your sports event. Fans also don’t get frustrated while answering questions or giving opinions on a service or the overall experience because such tools are simple to use and less time-consuming.

Fan Relationship

Fans remain loyal to their favorite players, teams, and even sports venues. For expressing such loyalty, they would love to be rewarded. But how to go about it? Especially when fans are spread throughout the world.

Businesses can again leverage technology here. Community tools, such as apps and websites, enable you to guide your fans on crucial information regarding upcoming events. Chatbots and voice technology can also be of great help in guiding fans through your website or app, shouldering their burden and easing their problems.

To ensure that fans’ expectations of live sports events are met, businesses should pay attention to reducing the waiting time, gathering fans’ feedback on the pricing of products and services, and upgrading their infrastructure to improve the viewing experience.

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