Impact Of Experience management On A Brand’s Success

Published on:
Wed Sep 01 2021
Customer Experience

Building Brands through Experience Mangement

Think about a scenario wherein consider yourself a consumer and then imagine what are the things that make you stick to a particular brand or what makes you drive miles and miles to go to a particular store to buy something that may also be available nearer to you? What are the factors that affect your choices? And what drives your loyalty?

You may already know the answers just don’t know how to put them in words when asked directly, however now think about what these brands or stores are doing differently that helps them to retain loyal customers or what are the best practices followed by them that makes these brands win in the market and also make huge profit. Have you ever wondered why bigger and most successful brands never advertise their products and still remain on top?

All these questions have one simple answer and that is that all the brands that you look up to every time you want to splurge or go on a shopping spree is because they don’t just give best quality products but also provide the world class brand experience every single time you visit their stores. These brands invest in creating the most soothing environment inside their stores to make you feel that you are valued, they help you see what you might have missed while shopping with other stores and most importantly they always ask for your feedback about your experience on every single step. Their surveys often help them gather information or details that you might not even realise but may be the driving factors of their overall success.


Well, understand that every successful brand around the world is majorly focused on their customer satisfaction. Happier a customer is their chances of returning back to the stores are higher. Don’t forget about viva voce or word of mouth marketing strategy, if you are a happy customer then you will talk about the store or the brand in front of people you know, and it is evident that there are higher chances of you believing your friends or family’s recommendations over paid advertisements you see around you every time you open YouTube or Facebook, etc.

Watch Ray Burke talk about how stores track your shopping behaviour. There are multiple factors that may help you understand the key techniques to grow your brand, including:

Customer Experience

As explained by GartnerCustomer experience is key to exceeding your customers' expectations. In looking to improve and implement positive customer experience management across the enterprise.”

More successful brands focus on improving the customer experience by exceeding their expectations. And to understand what their customer expectations exactly are, how the customers feel about their new arrivals or past purchases, they use feedback capturing platforms like Dropthought, that provides them with insights about their overall customer experiences. It’s really important to use the best tools to capture customer feedback, because your freedom to experiment with the surveys will give higher chances of your customers actively responding to your surveys.

It’s no rocket science to crack the formula of Brand Success, only few understand how to value the data they receive through these feedback capturing platforms.

At Dropthought we work actively work with companies to help them understand their painpoints and improve their customer experience programs

A few features of our platform and the team:

1. Understand the customer experience across all touchpoints

2. Track satisfaction and other KPIs in real time and identify areas which need most improvement

3. Increase your NPS, leading to higher brand advocacy and revenue growth

Remember that customer satisfaction level is directly linked to enhanced Brand Experience and Product Experience, together these factors define your success story.

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