How To Use An Instant Customer Feedback System To Leverage Holiday Shopper Influx

Published on:
Tue Dec 01 2020
Customer Experience

Unlocking Insights: Leveraging Instant Customer Feedback for Holiday Season Success

It’s no secret that consumer traffic during the holiday season is booming. Whether you have a brick and mortar location or an online shop, you will see an influx of shoppers. With large samples of customers, this is the perfect time to get a better understanding of your customers’ experiences and what they’re each looking for as they shop. 

Keep reading to learn ways DropThought can help you utilize an instant customer feedback system to improve customer experience.

Engage online with customers

People post their genuine thoughts about a product or shopping experience on social media. You can gain insight into your customers by monitoring social media. If a customer had a bad experience, it’s best to reach out to them to find out what could have gone better and how you can make it right. Even if someone has a good experience, simply liking a post can go a long way to establishing a lasting relationship with a loyal customer. An instant customer feedback system can help you consolidate social media mentions and even reply using automation.

Analyze on-site activity

You can get a strong understanding of your customers’ habits by looking at what they do while shopping your online store. Is there a gap in the design of your website that’s not funneling customers to a targeted area on your site? Is your site too busy and turning customers away because of decision fatigue? You can find these things out by analyzing customer behavior on your website.

Email surveys

Get an understanding of your customer experience from the source. Reach out to customers directly by sending emails to them. Include a link to a survey and encourage them to fill it out. This email should be sent within three to five days of a transaction.

The length of your survey depends on the amount of information you’re looking to gather. Keep in mind that people usually don’t want to spend too much time participating in a survey, so be mindful of the number of questions you include. If you have three to 10 your customers will probably spend between two and five minutes and 26 to 30 questions can take as long as 10 minutes.

Website survey pop-ups

The very best time to collect information about customer experience is right after a transaction. Everything about the experience is fresh in the customer’s mind so they can clearly recall what exactly they were searching for that they couldn’t find, what they didn’t like about their online shopping experience, and what they did like about their experience.

In contrast to purchases, get feedback from shoppers who don’t buy anything. You can implement a pop-up on your site for a customer who doesn’t buy anything. Initiate a pop-up with a link to a survey if a customer abandons their cart or tries to leave your website. Learn what made this shopper want to leave without purchasing any items.

Improve customer experience with Dropthought

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