How To Reduce Employee Burnout?

Published on:
Tue Oct 10 2023
Employee Experience

Burnout among employees is a big matter of concern for organizations. The COVID-19 outbreak has simply exacerbated an already serious problem.

However, an increasing number of firms throughout the world are going above and beyond to support their employee’s mental health and psychological wellness.

Several businesses have recognized the value of their employee’s mental health during difficult times. They’ve also devised practical and advantageous techniques for dealing with employee burnout, anxiety, and other mental health difficulties.

Many businesses want to obtain a better grasp of their employee’s requirements by implementing such measures. As a result, in the aftermath of the epidemic, this could even help to improve the Employee Experience.

Employee Burnout

At some point in their life, everyone suffers from burnout. According to a Gallup poll, “76% of employees feel burnout at some point in their careers”.

The term “burnout” was initially coined in the 1970s. Burnout is characterized by feelings of depletion and persistent exhaustion brought on by a variety of pressures. Workplace burnout is now recognized as an occupational hazard by the World Health Organization.

Employee Burnout and Remote work have a negative influence on Businesses

A dramatic shift in work habits occurred in the year 2020. Employees in many sectors were obliged to work remotely as a result of the stringent application of lockdowns around the world.

Many people have suffered as a result of this. Many remote employees’ mental health has been impacted by work-related stress as well as pressures in their personal lives. Anxiety, depression, and other related symptoms have been reported by many. As a result, employee burnout has gotten worse.

How companies are getting rid of Employee Burnout?

Employee burnout prevention and treatment is a difficult undertaking, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To address employee burnout, businesses have devised a variety of remedies which are mentioned as follows:-

1. Empathy

Several firms are directing their managers and HR experts to be empathic toward their workers. Using specialized training programs, managers can learn how to deal with employee burnout. These sessions might assist them in providing greater assistance to their employees on how to overcome psychological challenges.

2. Keeping an eye on things

Counseling services can be provided to employees, particularly those who are dealing with stress or demonstrating passive signs of burnout. Their goal is to ensure that their workers feel heard, understood, and supported.

Such techniques will go a long way toward creating healthy employer-employee connections. This, in turn, will aid in the development of a good trust-based support system for employees, which will benefit employers in terms of enhanced motivation and productivity.

3. Setting a good example

By adopting a top-down approach to employee wellbeing, even C-level executives are stepping forward to assist their staff in coping with burnout. Well-known firms leaders have started reaching out to their employees to validate and alleviate their problems. In fact, some managers are confiding in their workers about their personal difficulties.

4. Digital Detox

Many businesses now allow their staff to take time off. Many organizations are emphasizing the necessity of employee digital detox. Some people have expanded the definition of “sick leaves” to include “wellness leaves”. Workers are given wellness leaves to recuperate and regenerate, restoring their vitality by letting built-up stress dissolve.

5. Instant feedback

Another approach that has shown to be very helpful is employee feedback. Feedback must be sought as soon as possible after an event to be effective. Surveys are frequently used to get feedback from employees. Companies can have a comprehensive image of their employee’s demands and even their mental state based on this feedback. This can assist recruiters and HR professionals in taking prompt corrective action and enabling employees to deal with the challenges they face on a daily basis.


In a time of distress, reaching out and lending a helping hand can be extremely rewarding. Companies could use technology-enabled systems that collect and evaluate real-time feedback to supplement their outreach.

Dropthought is one such technique that aids in the creation of a trusting and healthy workplace. Dropthought creates an employee-friendly environment, greatly enhancing staff satisfaction. Using a lightweight UI, interactive dashboards, and advanced analytics, we integrate into your employee journey, allowing you to harness the insights you need to build strong employee-employer relationships.

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