How To Improve Customer Experience In The Dealership Service Department?

Published on:
Wed Jun 22 2022
Customer Experience

Dealership service departments that place a high priority on the customer experience benefit from lower churn rates, cheaper sales, and marketing expenses, and improved overall customer engagement.

It is more important than ever that dealerships should meet their customers’ needs. Dealerships that prioritize the customer experience are benefiting financially.

Improving customer experience is necessary for the dealership. Whether you are working with a longtime customer or trying to sell to a new customer, the people you serve have expectations, and you should aim to go above and beyond those expectations.

It is harder than ever to win over customers and build loyalty, but doing so is still essential to expand your fixed operations.

The success of your dealership service department depends on how well customers are treated.

According to reports, “86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience”.

Although there are numerous ways to enhance the customer experience, incorporating digital technology is one of the simplest and most affordable options.

Creating a high-performing customer experience is an intentional and ongoing process in the dealership service department.

Best ways that you can follow to improve customer experience in the dealership service department

1. Learn what makes your dealership unique

What distinguishes your auto business and gets customers back? Take note of how you are developing the plan for your dealership, putting it into action, measuring the results, and making adjustments to maximize revenue growth.

Your hiring strategy and resource allocation should reflect service as a priority if your main objective is customer retention through excellent customer service.

2. Pay attention to upselling

In general, people are more sensitive and skeptical, especially when it comes to upsells in the service department.

Avoid being too pushy. Customers can easily be turned off by service upselling when they cannot see the advantage in their bucket.

Instead, think about having a meaningful conversation with customers after the service to let them know what was addressed and to point out any problems that are safe to leave until the next time.

Customers will appreciate the honesty and feel truly valued and will surely return.

3. Improve communication

Communication is essential to improve customer experience in the dealership service department. It is important to communicate with team members and customers alike.

For example, Before moving forward with the car service, the service advisor should inform the customer about the car’s defects and the cost of the necessary repairs for approval.

Your customer experience approach must be clearly stated, simplified, consistent, and direct.

This enables dealership service departments to operate at a high level of efficiency while providing high levels of customer satisfaction.

4. Set & Track goals

It is important to have clearly defined goals so that everyone in your team is aware of the outcomes they should be aiming for with each decision they make. It is a good idea to set these goals within clearly defined time frames that can be tracked.

Without management reviewing the data, the goals you establish and the progress you accomplish cannot realize their full potential.

Goal tracking can assist decision-makers in discovering new possibilities and/or strategies to enhance performance in the faulty areas.

5. Create a program for customer experience management

The practice of planning, monitoring, and influencing customer interactions at each stage of the customer journey is known as customer experience management (CEM).

A well-thought-out CEM program can assist in keeping constant control over customer contacts and will help in improving customer experience in the dealership service department.

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