How To Effectively Capture Customer Feedback Instantly

Published on:
Fri Feb 10 2023
Customer Experience

In today’s business environment, data is necessary to evolve your company and adapt to ever-changing landscapes. However, a company can only accomplish these goals if the information they’re receiving is timely, honest, and detailed. That’s why instantly capturing customer feedback has become increasingly popular. Figuring out how to capture that instant feedback can be overwhelming for some people, though, but we here at Dropthought are making it easy with our integrative software.

Why is Instant Customer Feedback Helpful?

Companies can capture customer feedback instantly through various means. Some of the most widely used tactics are customer feedback surveys after an interaction, usability tests, and on-site analytics. Regardless of what method you use, you’ll quickly start to see numerous benefits.

Find Areas to Improve

Customers are more likely to become loyal to a particular company if they feel heard and have their issues addressed, but you can’t do that if you don’t know what hurdles they face. By receiving instantaneous feedback from clients, you’re better able to identify problems and find solutions to the customers’ pain points to create a seamless interaction for everyone.

Learn Who Your Customers Are

The more feedback your company receives, the more insights you glean into the type of people who are purchasing your goods or services. This is invaluable information from a marketing perspective. When you know who your target audience is, it’s easier to tailor the advertising message to address their unique needs and problems. That ensures you’re spending the marketing budget in the most effective manner possible.

Bolster Conversion Rate

Without capturing customer feedback instantly, you could be losing potential clients at particular points in the buying cycle without realizing it. Once you have those valuable insights, however, you can adapt their experience and make it more user friendly. That leads to a higher conversion rate and increases the odds of closing the deal.

How Dropthought Helps You Capture Feedback

With Dropthought’s unique approach to feedback, we can assist companies across varied industries such as retail, hospitality, education, and healthcare. With our simple three-step process, we make the entire experience as seamless and beneficial as possible.


Using an intuitive interface that captures feedback throughout the customer’s digital and physical journey, we help you receive valuable data through any channel you choose. From event and transaction-based feedback to omnichannel integration, on-site analytics, and digital surveys, your clients can quickly and easily share their insights to help you adapt and evolve your business model.


Once that data is captured, we help you make business decisions based on real-time information. We can help you craft engaging, customized surveys that drive real results, alter the customer journey through meticulous tracking, and enhance employee engagement throughout the entire process. All of this is available via an easy to use, intuitive dashboard.

Act & Review

The end result is Dropthought providing you with analytics catered for your business. You’ll receive actionable text reports that highlight pain points for your customers. Using the insights from the metrics tracking, text analytics, and downloading and sharing reports, we’ll help you tailor a solution that encourages natural business growth.

How Do You Capture Customer Feedback?

If you’re ready for your company to start enjoying the many benefits of instantaneous feedback from your clients, then Dropthought is the solution for you. Our intuitive interface blends seamlessly with your existing customer journey to provide the insights you need, and it’s all backed by our dedicated customer success team. Get started today by visiting us online.