How Dropthought Instant Customer Feedback Helps Businesses

Published on:
Mon Jun 14 2021
Customer Experience

A business is nothing with its customers, which renders customer feedback essential for success and growth. However, culling and capitalizing on customer feedback isn’t always easy. Anything less than instant customer feedback is a disservice to your business. If you’re unsure how to gather and integrate insightful instant customer feedback, dropthought is your premier solution. Our innovative, custom 3 step process makes getting actionable insights for data-driven decision-making easier than ever before.

Here’s how instant customer feedback helps businesses:

1. Quick problem resolution

A major benefit of instant customer feedback is rapid customer complaint resolution. By resolving their issue immediately, customers are more likely to return to do business.

Resolving an issue promptly can, in fact, result in 95% of unhappy customers returning to buy again. Optimizing this process and quickly resolving issues requires a real-time feedback loop. Sending disgruntled customers directly to the responsible agent ensures immediate follow-up.

Ultimately, your business will benefit incalculably from quick problem resolution. Not only will it satisfy customers, but it will also prevent disparaging news from spreading. Research proves that 13% of unhappy customers relay that experience to 15 or more people.

Worst yet, many customers won’t complain and will instead stop doing business with you altogether and never recommend your services. With dropthought, we guarantee immediate problem resolution to secure customer satisfaction.

2. Real-time feedback about the customer journey

A great aspect of instant customer feedback is you can gain invaluable insights into the customer experience and journey. For example, you can learn whether or not a customer will recommend your services to other people, and why or why not.

There’s no better way to engage with customers and understand why they engage with your site the way they do. By interacting and culling data directly from the customer journey, you gain actionable insight to optimize the entire process and maximize conversions.

Keep questions short and concise, and don’t ask questions you know the answer to. Their time is valuable just like yours. Ultimately, through instant feedback, your goal should be to break the feedback loop for all complaints you receive as soon as possible.

The best way to do this is to monitor engagement across the entire customer journey and ask for feedback at opportune junctures to fine-tune and optimize it. Embrace complaints as direct interactions and constructive criticism.

This is free data, and if utilized directly, it can propel your business into another stratosphere. At dropthought, we’re the proud engine behind that transcendental ascension.

3. It builds loyalty and trust

By acting on instant customer feedback as soon as possible, you’re building loyalty and trust. Instant customer response enables executives to get closer to customers than ever before.

Instead of hearing second-hand accounts, executives can attune directly to customer feedback to understand the full context and their precise grievance. This provides indispensable insight for leadership and establishes a direct connection between decision-makers and clients.

When executives receive real-time feedback, customers feel like they matter because it increases customer-oriented decision-making. By integrating strategically placed, instant feedback channels, customers build a unique loyalty and to your brand.

Through quick and responsive action, you’re communicating to customers that you care and are listening. This drives engagement, increases conversions, and benefits your business.

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If you’re interested in instant customer feedback but are unsure how to implement it, dropthought is your premier solution. Our platform is an unparalleled method to cull essential business metrics and insight from customers. Simple and customized, our intuitive 3-step process provides actionable insights effortlessly. Contact us now for a consultation!