How Can Enterprise Technology Services Help My Business?

Published on:
Fri May 07 2021

Technology is making it easier to automate workflows, streamline processes, and help companies of all sizes harness valuable data about their customers. The tech tools that allow businesses to do all this and more are often referred to as “enterprise technology services."

Wondering how your company can benefit from enterprise technology services?

We’re sharing some of the top benefits:

#1: Gather feedback, derive insights, and take action

Gathering feedback is essential for any company that provides a service. This not only allows you to see if you’re meeting expectations, but it can provide you with valuable opportunities for improvement. Collecting feedback can also help you establish benchmark values, so you can compare feedback later to gauge improvement.

The problem is, gathering feedback takes time. Not only that but how and when you ask for feedback matters. Here at DropThought, we’ve designed a number of tools that have streamlined this entire process. For instance, our technology can be built into your customer journey or integrated with your website, mobile apps, kiosks, and more.

With omnichannel integration, you are empowered to gather feedback from a variety of touchpoints. This means you can reach your audience at a time and location that is most convenient. By collecting and analyzing this feedback, your company can discover opportunities for improvement, areas of success, and more.

#2: Automate and personalize the onboarding process

When onboarding a new employee or customer, their first interactions with your company are crucial. This initial period not only gives you the opportunity to instill confidence for newcomers but also allows you to gather feedback about their needs and values.

Fully understanding your employees or customer base is important for your overall success as a company. When your goals and values are not aligned, this can create friction. By implementing enterprise technology services into your onboarding process, you can create an employee-first approach and cultivate a culture of listening.

When used for onboarding new customers, you can learn about their needs and how to better serve them. Overall, these tools can play an important role in aligning your company’s values and culture with both customers and internal team members.

#3: Collect data, and make the most of it

As a business owner, one of your most valuable resources is data. If you’re not collecting data yet, you’re missing out on a world of information that your business can harness, such as customer pain points, inefficiencies in internal operations, and more. For some companies, gathering data isn’t the problem, but understanding it is.

That’s where enterprise technology services can help. For instance, DropThought’s tech tools give business owners helpful insights, at-a-glance data, and actionable reports. Using this information, you can set benchmarks, measure the value of newly implemented processes, and so much more. These insights will empower your stakeholders to make important decisions going forward.

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