Harness Our Metrics Tracking And Text Analytics

Published on:
Wed May 08 2019
Customer Experience

Empowering Your Business with Actionable Insights: Enhancing Customer Journey and Improving Sales

Understanding your customer's journey and their needs is key for the success of any company. It allows you to see where you can better serve your customers, how to encourage higher sales, and what you are doing wrong or right so far. Here’s how our services can help your company to push forward to a higher level. 

Actionable insights

Our aim is to provide you with insights that are not just eye-opening, but also actionable. You will be able to look at our data and see exactly what you need to do next. Our advanced text analytics look at emotional text indicators and the metrics that are specific to your business. In order to make this happen, we provide the following features:

  • Triggered feedback: asking customers to tell you what they think at key points of their journey with your brand, through your website, mobile app, email, or even tablets and kiosks in physical locations
  • Omnichannel listening posts: picking up what people are saying about you across social media, whether they tag you or not
  • Enterprise dashboard and analytics: allowing you to access the data you need in one easy place, with all the analysis done for you so you don’t have to work out what it all means
  • Privacy and user management: ensuring that you do not contravene your customers’ privacy through this process and that there is no chance of your data leaking to competitors
  • Intuitive interface: so that you can use our tools simply and without needing support all the time to access any of our features
  • Third party integrations: connecting the software and programs that you already use with the tools we have to make the whole process run smoothly

Gathering feedback

Getting feedback from your customers is so important in order to understand their experience and what they did or did not like about it. We make sure that you can trigger feedback requests and collect responses through a number of sources – such as your website, mobile app, email shots, through scannable QR codes, at a kiosk, through SMS messaging, or via our own API.

Feedback can be based on a particular event or through a transaction so you can even ask for responses from people who may not have decided to make a purchase. The use of both digital and on-site capturing ensures that you get a good cross-section of your customers and potential customers, allowing you to see the gap between conversions and understand how you could be upselling those who do purchase with you.

Engage your customers

After our text analytics has done its job, you will be able to make decisions based on actual concrete data. This means you can access real-time customer reactions and see how your choices are affecting them.

We look at tracking the whole of the customer journey, allowing us to create customized surveys which take their particular purchases or choices into account. We also track employee engagement, another important metric when understanding what parts of your business work and which of them don’t. All this is then displayed for you in our intuitive dashboards so you can truly understand your audience.

You can then download and share reports so that everyone who needs to see the data can get their hands on it.

If you are looking to improve your sales or create a higher rate of brand loyalty and return purchases, then you need to have access to the analytics that will make a difference. With Dropthought, you’ll be able to improve the customer journey in real time and see your sales soar.