Embracing Customer Experience And Business Growth

Published on:
Fri Aug 28 2020
Customer Experience

Emerging digitalisation of businesses has compelled brands to improvise and improve their growth strategies. Versatility and adaptability define how far you can take your brand to, understanding in depth the ever-evolving market conditions and what derives your customers to keep coming back, leads you to success.

Adapting innovative and robust methods to enhance customer experience is the only way to make the process of building solid strategies that make your brand stand out. Globally, all the successful brands have embraced the fact that capturing customer experience is vital and based on the data collected through the feedback, they create and run their marketing campaigns in such a way that it leads them to attain maximum traction. There are number of examples wherein a brand when goes out all the way to interact with the customer and make their experience more personalised, it has turned out to be one of the best business game plans for them.

Different Metrics that help to measure customer experience

1. Net Promoter Score (NPS):

This metric helps you to understand whether a customer is a “Promoter” who is happy with your services and is likely to come back, a “Passive” who is neither happy nor dissatisfied with your services, or is a “Detractor” who is highly dissatisfied, with a simple question “How likely you would recommend us (company/product/services/xyz) to a friend or a colleague?”

2. Customer Effort Score (CES):

This helps in measuring the experience of a customer while using your services in terms of how “easy” or “difficult” was it for them to complete a certain activity or process.

3. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT):

This metric can help you measure whether a customer is satisfied with your product/service or is dissatisfied by simply answering a “Yes” or “No” question or may rate you on a scale of “1 to 5”, 1 being the highly dissatisfied and 5 being the highly satisfied score.

4. Time to Resolution (TTR):

As the name suggests, this metric helps you to figure out the amount of time it took for an issue to get resolved. Remember your customers don’t like waiting and the longer the time it takes for an issue to get a resolution, higher are the chances of losing that customer for good and they may also write a bad review about your brand based solely on the time taken for their issue to get addressed and resolved.

All the above-mentioned metrics hold an equal and uplifting impact on the data collected through the feedback surveys. These metrics provide an in-depth insight on how we are doing in terms of customer experience, what are the areas of improvement and how likely a customer is to return back to enjoy your services. A good brand strategist would imply these metrics to further build marketing campaigns that address the issues faced by the customers and will further work on the loopholes to avoid losing a good customer base that impacts the business in general.

Realising the importance of capturing feedback and collecting insights about your product/services, it is equally important to rely on the best tools available that can help you get an on point accurate and reliable data, like Dropthought, it covers every single feature that you may be looking forward to.

Dropthought enables businesses from all verticals with a platform that is user friendly and is loaded with robust technologies that not only makes it easier to design a feedback form that looks simple and easy to use but also while embracing the simplicity it helps you capture data and generate reports that can assist you in building a business plan which is most likely to help you generate revenue and strengthen the brand image. This tool can help you with an effective customer engagement, allowing you to enjoy the freedom of customizing surveys as per your business requirements.

Collecting feedback is the most effective way to show your customers you care and nothing in the world can defy the fact that when you care enough about the needs of your targeted customer base they become your loyalist, who in return will spread the good words about your brand in market, this is the best marketing approach one can induce in without much of an effort.

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