EdTech And Feedback: Power Of Real Time Tracking And A Straight Road To Success For Students

Published on:
Fri May 29 2020

It is time when we speak about the power of feedback that is helping students globally to empower their way of learning. Over the decades, there has been a major shift in how we think and perceive the entire education system, especially considering the global pandemic that we are facing, online education has taken over the stage in full swing. As fall begins, students and professors are adjusting to their new schedules, getting into the skin of following the contemporary routines, during this time, ability to capture real time feedback is turning out to be the knight in shining armour.

Why is it so important to capture feedback in EdTech?

Well, education these days is not limited to just books, there are different tools and software’s that are used by professors and the students for various purposes. From assigning projects to project submissions, evaluation of scores, almost everything can be tracked on an online tool or software. In this process it becomes imperative for professors to understand whether they are on the right track, feedback provided by students helps them to manage their study materials, methods of teaching, assignment related queries, etc. Also, inputs provided by professors and students help these online platforms to make their designs, options and overall services better, feedbacks are treated as a primary driving force. Almost all education companies’ welcome feedbacks as it helps them in crafting a design that solves problems faced by educators.

A simple feedback holds the power to nudge Students in the right direction. When constant efforts are applied on the process of improving overall performance of students, different methods are taken into consideration, but the only way to really understand what the best solution can be, hearing directly form the students can help tremendously. Feedback also helps educators to infuse the personal touch while helping students, various studies and based on the data collected from surveys conducted by Dropthought, it shows that after considering the feedback provided by the students when colleges and schools give personal attention towards individual students it pushes them towards a greater path of success. Personalised texts received by students helps them to connect more with their respective schools and colleges. Especially during these tough times, it is more important to engage effectively with students and help them to complete their assignments, learn more efficiently and score better.

Facilitating Real time Feedback empowers not only students but professors too, it’s a powerful initiative towards improving online education system. Data collected from these feedbacks is used by educators to improve student success initiative which promotes various practices and facilitates the education system. This data also helps students to engage more time with professors and help them get hold of classes they are assigned to.

Benefits of collecting data from student feedback:

1. Predictive models can be created by using this data to help students faster and more efficiently.

2. Feedback helps identify students who need more attention and are on verge of failing their classes.

3. Improves Student/Professor engagement during and post classes.

4. Feedbacks can help intervening student way before they start performing bad in a subject or in overall class.

5. Improves and builds a meaningful student-professor relationship.

6. Data analytics is capable of providing insights that can go unnoticed by educators.

Thanks to data collected from Feedbacks, evolving technology and overall efforts of EdTech industry, process of education has become easily available, simpler and more flexible for students across the globe.