How To Stay Engaged During The Pandemic

Published on:
Mon Apr 06 2020

I remember when I was in school, our principal always reminded us to start the day with a breathing exercise, forget everything that you have in your mind and focus on your breathing pattern “breathe in, breathe out” do this for couple of minutes. In a time like this where everyone is stressed and is on a brink of losing their mind, please remember to take a moment and appreciate what we still have and how we can make the situation better. I have a few simple points that might ease your brain and help you get through, keep reading:

1. Remember to take deep breaths: this has helped me with my anxieties all my life, every time you feel you are overwhelmed with anything that’s happening around you, leave everything and just start taking deep breaths, focus on what you have in front of you, feel the air going inside your lungs and let it go. Do it, it helps.

2. Be selective about what you consume/read: Social media has helped us stay connected but sometimes reading too much can also trigger stress. Every time you feel like too much negativity has started hovering around you, put down your phone, turn off your tv, put down the newspaper. It’s a good habit to keep yourself updated with current affairs but you don’t necessarily need to know every little thing happening around the globe. Give yourself time to tackle one situation at a time.

3. This too shall pass: have faith, follow the health instructions, stay indoors as much as you can and stay calm. 

4. Work on your habits: Make a list of things you wanted to work on, relax, meditate, eat well. Put on some good music and learn a new move or two. Most of us yearn for more time for ourselves over weekends, this is a great time to unleash your inner adventurer, you follow online tutorials and learn anything from web designing to attic Greek or learn to play some sick chords on that guitar that has been sitting in corner for years.


5. In the end it is extremely important to remember not to lose your mind, this is a phase, and with all our cooperation it will all get better, don’t panic, utilise the time and prepare for a better healthy tomorrow.

In a time like this it’s important to know how our friends and colleagues are doing.

Do not let the stressors around you to disrupt your health. Stay calm, stay healthy and most importantly, stay indoors!