Consolidate Your Customer Feedback Quickly With Customer Management Software

Published on:
Fri Apr 28 2023
Customer Experience

Customer feedback is the most important aspect of growth in a business. Without it, your important decisions are made blindly. With our customer management software, we’ll help you consolidate various sources of feedback so that you can resolve issues quickly and truly understand your customers.

Why is customer feedback important?

Feedback is essential for the growth and success of any company. With a good customer feedback system, you’re able to capture and analyze feedback data used to make decisions that greatly impact the customer experience and overall success of your business.

An environment that encourages feedback from customers can help strengthen your organization and create better experiences for both employees and customers. Today, customer feedback is established through multiple forms of insight. Companies must adapt to changing ways in which customers express how their expectations are met.

Because of the number of digital channels where customers express feedback, such as social media, Google reviews, or other online boards, your company needs to have a presence of them, or you will miss out on valuable information.

How does our feedback management software work?

At Dropthroughts, we want to make customer feedback easy. With customer feedback consolidation in mind, our system uses three simple steps to help our clients successfully collect and manage information.


First, Dropthought empowers you to reach your audience and gather feedback through any channel, including:

  • API
  • Email
  • Kiosk
  • Mobile
  • QR
  • SMS
  • Web

Whether your information is collected through the event and translation-based feedback, omnichannel integration, digitally, on-site, or through API integrations, our system uses consolidation methods to accurately capture your data.


We help businesses make decisions based on concrete, real-time data collected from your feedback methods. We not only make feedback engaging for customers and employees, but we also help you choose multiple engaging platforms for their convenience, including customized surveys, customer journey tracking, employee engagement tracking, and intuitive dashboards.

Act & Review

We create data analytics battered for your business based on your unique customer feedback. Your consolidated data will be analyzed and sent to you through text analytics reports that highlight specific customer needs and problem areas.

Why companies choose DropThought

At Dropthought, we believe that feedback from customers is the most important aspect of growth in a business. Our goal is to make feedback simple, intuitive, and re-define the ways we collectively engage and deliver insights to each client.

Openness and honesty are what defines the foundations of our company, and we strive to maintain our candidness through open channels of communication that enhance the voices of everyone in our organization and each client we work with.

With data-driven decision-making through feedback, we love giving our clients instant feedback from customers so that you can respond to them with open communication, resolve issues quickly, and promote your business.

If you’re ready to see our approach to feedback in action, reach out to us with any questions or to inquire about a free demo.