Common Misconceptions Regarding The Customer Feedback Management Process

Published on:
Mon Nov 07 2022
Customer Experience

Customer feedback can grow your business exponentially. Acquiring and retaining a happy score of loyal customers makes the difference between staying afloat or sinking. Providing customers with an opportunity to provide feedback can offer helpful insights into the areas where you can improve. Honest feedback benefits both company and consumer, but there are some common misconceptions circulating about that have turned people off to it. 

Common misconceptions related to the customer feedback management process

Published customer feedback is unreliable and curated by the company

This is true in some circumstances, but when a company utilizes the right platform, all customer feedback is honest and unedited. It is also obvious when a company is curating and writing its own reviews. Published reviews that appear on websites are often linked to an exterior source that checks the legitimacy of the feedback to ensure that prospective customers are receiving accurate information. In addition, companies want to garner honest and authentic reviews that publicly praise their business.

Paid advertising efforts are more effective

The best form of advertising is word of mouth. Paid social media advertisements work well when with the right demographic, but your business can greatly benefit from an assortment of diverse and honest customer reviews. For some, advertisements seem dishonest and appear to be a direct sales pitch from the company. Reviews are an inexpensive way to advertise and gain trust with prospective customers without having to allocate large portions of your budget into expensive marketing campaigns. The majority of customers are discerning and looking to the opinions of others who have experience doing business with you before making a decision.

Companies reward customers for good reviews

This is never the case. Reviews are made at the will of the customer and are never compensated for with any reward. At most, some companies will incentivize a consumer to leave a review in exchange for a discount or coupon. Companies truly benefit from the insights they receive by integrating opportunities for customers to leave a review so they can collect data. It is solely up to the customer to decide whether they will leave a review or provide feedback to the company.

Negative feedback can hurt your business

Poor reviews are usually honest reviews that expose the aspects of your business that are not working. These honest consumer insights can help you ultimately improve your company and humanize your business so that prospective customers know they’re not reading strategically curated reviews to make the company look good. Bad reviews can present an opportunity to publicly display how well they deal with customer feedback and showcase their dedication to upholding excellent customer service.

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