6 Tactics To Improve Fan Experience At The Stadium

Published on:
Mon Sep 04 2023
Fan Experience

Have you ever wondered why people attend live sporting events? You could assume it’s the excitement of seeing a game in action. Or it could be the entertainment provided at the event.

The reason, however, is somewhat different from what you may imagine.

According to research, 89% of fans say that being able to relax and enjoy live sports events is what draws them to events. Only 35% of fans attend for enrichment, and only 45% attend for a sense of belonging to a team.

Fans are drawn to stadiums, not because of the sports, but because of the experience, they get there. Providing a positive fan experience is about focusing on the end-to-end experience that the fans receive.

It begins far in advance of a game and continues well afterward. You need to consider every step from the experience fans receive during exploring the website, to social media contact, phone calls, marketing activities, and, of course, everything that occurs during a matchday visit.

Ticket prices and other fees will have an impact on attendance, but ultimately, it is the perceived value of the entire experience you are providing that will win fans over.

Consider the below-mentioned ways to improve the stadium fan experience:-

1. In sports, use a data-driven approach

Paving the path for a data-driven approach will be beneficial if you want to provide a great fan experience and maximize engagement. Here is how you can follow the approach-

  • Assess: Determine what information you currently have and identify any gaps.
  • Build: Create unique fan journeys by combining data and personalized experiences.
  • Develop: Get the missing data to provide on-demand customization.
  • Define: Create a data strategy, a new operational model, and a blueprint for the target technology’s architecture.

2. Provide a tailored smart-stadium experience

The future of the sports fan experience relies on a more streamlined and purposeful approach to sensing, data analytics, and networks that sees the stadium as a value-integration hub. Place a greater emphasis on providing smart-stadium experiences that are contextual, convenient, and personalized.

3. Casual fan entertainment all across the stadium

A fan wants to enjoy the experience as soon as he enters the stadium: before, during, and after the game.

4. Crowd control systems can help to improve safety

Fans want to feel protected and do not want to worry about any uneasy situation. They will spend more money and stay longer at the event if they feel protected and safe.

5. Fan participation before, during, and after the game

Fans are increasingly demanding to be involved in their club’s decision-making, and this trend is unstoppable. Fans have strong opinions on what should happen in the stadium during the game.

6. Allow fans to participate in the collective and player experience

The atmosphere and connection with your favorite athlete are essential for a positive experience and high fan engagement, especially if you can play a significant role in it. Content should be created where the fans can create their own collective experience.


The biggest reason that fans come to live sporting events is because of the fan experience. If sports organizations do not provide a positive experience, they may risk losing their fans and, eventually, revenue.

Businesses should pay attention to reducing waiting times, getting consumer input on product and service pricing, and upgrading their infrastructure to improve the viewing experience to ensure that fans’ expectations of live sporting events are met.

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